Thursday, January 31, 2008


Another day is done. I was so EXHAUSTED today. Emotionally worn down...the kids have been really difficult to deal with for the past 2 days. It feels so crazy around here. Anyways. I had a bit of a nap on the couch feeding Coco tonight. Then, even though I DID NOT WANT TO EXERCISE, I got my gear on and Cliff and I went out for a run/walk. We did 5/1's and we ran for 20 mins and walked (briskly) for 20 mins. And then we stretched. I feel SO much better that I got out.

I have to tell you, what Coco said to me after her feed :GOO...(like Goo-Be-Gone) and I knew then that I HAD to run!! I had to do it!! Thanks Coco for your motivation! Even you want me to do this! I love my family.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have had a day from you know where. Yes, that is right. Let me just say I have no make up left.

Anyways. I am really tired, and I have decided to take today off from the exercise. I am sore, I have sore arms and wrists from holding and feeding Coco. I mentally need some alone time just with my hubby. So we are both taking a day off from the working out. I am going to TRY to get to bed way before midnight tonight.

My eating has been fine so that is good. I called the surgeon's office today and said no to February 29th. I said I will wait until the next 'offering' and decide then.

Tomorrow I am on there (the treadmill) for 1 hour!! Gotta win the Goo-Be-Gone so I can buy some new make up lol.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday evening update

I have decided today, that I am going to defer my surgery. I tried to call the office all day, and could not get through. I will try again tomorrow. I will remain on the waitlist though and keep deferring until I am ready. My doc agrees with the surgeon and I am OK with that. I don't think I could just not say anything or lie. It just doesn't sit right with me. Although I contemplated it for a moment.

I will see how I feel next time the office calls me. If it is 3 months, probably no surgery for awhile. It is not the right timing right now. The right time will come. I want to continue on with my weightloss goals! I am just going to stick with it.

I cannot believe I am 199.2 right now! I am so happy with that. I lost 19 almost 20 pounds in 4 weeks. If I keep losing like I have, I could possibly lose 38/40 more pounds by April 1st (end of Goo-Be-Gone) That would be an amazing start. That would be 60 pounds gone from January 1st.

Tonight we had a splurge, and it was delish. Once a week is plenty! We are back to the grindstone tomorrow. We were going to go get a weight set/machine off of Craigslist, but they gave it to their neighbours instead. boo. So, if you know of anybody who wants to give one away for cheap, please let us know. We are bummed out lol. We were excited to do some weight to boost our muscle mass. Darn it.

Thanks for all of the support these days! You don't know how awesome that is! It truly makes me accountable to myself when others like yourselves are checking in on me all the time! Don't stop OK!

I am excited for when my Sis and T get back from their South American travels. They left 2nd week into our Challenge, and come back at the end of February. I know they will be surprised with our changes!! I keep imagining how great that will feel!
I really miss them. It will be good to have them back. But they are having amazing adventures like sleeping in the Amazon, and seeing really cool things. Thank goodness for their updates.

Weigh In Tuesday - Week 4

I am down 4.4 pounds. I AM UNDER 200 Pounds today! I am so happy! I reached my first "mini" weight goal of 199!

My waist is 36" today. That means I have taken off 6" in 4 weeks. Not too shabby!

Bye Bye 200's! Ciao! That means I am booking my pedi/waxing and a facial ASAP!! My hard work paid off this week! I am feeling so good! Next mini goal...195. That is only 4 pounds away. My next big weight goal is 189. I am 10 pounds from that. I will get my hair cut and styled shorter! Yay.

Yesterday, after my appointment at the surgeons I got a call. They have an opening for the end of the month Feb. But I have to stop feeding. I am not really sure why about that. All he said was 'he was not comfortable with that.' So, long story short. I talked to FVH, and to the Newborn Hotline, and also to a Lactation Specialist. They all say it is OK to go under general and breastfeed (just like when I had my gallbladder out)after Carly was born and she was 11 weeks at the time. Grhhhh. Such OLD SCHOOL thinking!! Get into the new millenium!!

So, I don't know. I am going to talk to my doctor today and maybe he can talk to the surgeon. If not, I will just defer and stay on the list. It is not worth the trouble. I just feel angry and frustrated. Oh well. Life goes on!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Vascular Surgeon Appointment and Monday

Well, my appointment is over. I was told the same thing from from Dr. F as what the Ultrasound Tech told me a couple of weeks back. I need surgery, on both sides to close off the groin veins so that the blood will return and move back up my legs instead of pooling in my veins. I am on the list. The wait right now is 3 months, and I HAVE to stop breastfeeding. But, the good news is that I can defer. So, I have to do some thinking on that. I am not sure what I really want to do.

If I decide to go and have this surgery in 3 months, Coco will be around 5 months old. But the timing is great for ME...not too hot and my legs can start the healing process before bathing suit/running shorts/skirt weather.

Aren't I VEIN lol.

Or, I defer I keep feeding her until she is a year old like all of the other girls. That would take us to before Christmas this year, and a VERY busy time of year too with Courtney's first birthday party etc. Cameron I stopped around feeding around 5 months full time, and done by 6 months. Wow, history is possibly repeating itself?

Oh, what to do. Breastfeeding is so easy, and fast and CHEAP. I am not sure she would even switch to formula yet? Would she even take it? The other girls were not too happy with formula, thus the long year of feeding. Caroline fed to 13.5 months.

Not in the mood to pump for her either. Too much work and time consuming. Maybe I should at least try a bottle? Do I want to offer a bottle? I am not sure. Caroline did will without ANY bottles. From breast to cup. Oh decisions decisions. I would feel so selfish for stopping feeding just to fix ME up. That mother guilt...that mother guilt. And, I wanted to be at my goal weight by the time I had surgery. But, in 3 months I will be down a substantial amount anyways...much lower than in the past. I could be down maybe another 40-60 pounds by then? That would certainly keep me on goal plan! I would HAVE to reach my goal then. EEK.

Anyways, tomorrow is the weigh in. I am doing well and I hope to see a good loss tomorrow. I hopefully meet my goal of 199. I think I am very close.

I will be doing a good workout tonight that is for sure, and I already walked most of the way home from my specialist appointment today.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday morning

This morning I was feeding Coco at the time I needed to leave the house to go to Jazzercise. So, I will try again for next week.

I did get on the treadmill this morning and did 80 minutes total. 35 which were running 6/1's at 4.5/5.0 and walking at 3.5/4.0 between my sets. Felt great. We had to pick up new ear buds for the iPod because 'somebody' put the iPod in the dryer and pulled the earbuds apart. Nice huh. I also got an extension cord for the ear buds for my MacBook so that I can now watch DVD's when I treadmill so I can FINALLY watch girlie movies that Cliff never wants to watch with me! Thanks for the idea Cynthia!! I am going to start with THE NOTEBOOK!!

Two more days until the weigh in. I know I lost something because I can fit back into my size 15 jeans that I wore before I got pregnant. That was exciting this morning. I think I am out of my 18's for good. So, I will be happy with that. They (the 15's) are tight, but in a few weeks they will not be ;D

I also went to Old Navy last night and purchased a tank in size M and two t-shirts in size L. They are snug, but they will fit better in a few weeks as well. What a great feeling! I am moving out of the sizes I never want to be again. Anybody out there need some size 18 jeans? I am hanging all of the clothes that are too big on another side of my closet, and I moved my 'smaller' clothes to my current size area. And waiting in the wings are all of the smaller sizes to the right!! Can't wait! I keep sorting through them, and touching them and waiting ever so patiently!

I am going to take my waist measurement again on Tuesday. Hopefully down in inches again, if the scale number doesn't move down the way I wish!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday and today!

Yesterday I had a very busy day, and I actually ran part of the way to school and then I power walk back. I got to do 4 of those yesterday. Last night I was really tired. So, I relaxed on the couch and actually had a cat nap because I was exhausted. In the evening I had a tea with skim milk and a 100 calorie bar, and we shared a 100 calorie pack of shortbread cookies. It was very satisfying.

I am going to go feed Courtney, and then get on the treadmill! Still working hard to get under 200 pounds by Tuesday morning!! *fingers crossed*

*Updated to add: I just got off the treadmill and did 68 minutes.

30 minutes running 5/1's and then the balance was brisk walking at 3.5/4.0 to mix it up! Going to go stretch!

I feel amazing! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, it was a much better day today. Not as crazy, but still crazy in a good way.

I managed to get onto the treadmill this evening for 63 minutes at a brisk 3.8/4.0 pace. I did a 7 minute song at a steep incline, and then back down flat. It felt great. I then stretched out really nicely.

My eating is perfect! I am so happy with what is happening to me. I expect to see 199/198 *fingers* crossed on Tuesday morning. I am having a winning week so far. I find the weekends a bit more lax, but still playing the game.

I have been using to input all of my calories, and my exercise. It makes me feel good about my choices when they are staring right back at me on the screen.

I am feeling really good inside, and hopefully the outside will follow along with how I feel. I feel light, and strong. I love that feeling. I feel energetic and feeling like I can accomplish my goal!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why is it only Wednesday?

Well, last night Cliff and I made our nachos. But a much smaller portion, we saved calories for our splurge/dinner. We used way less cheese, lower fat sour cream and made our own salsa. We also had homemade guac. We even had a small glass of Coke. It was really good, but was it worth it? I am not sure. I felt guilt the whole time eating it lol. But today I am glad we did that. We have been on program so nicely. And, today we are right back at it.

It was a rough day today. I would have liked to sit down in front of the TV and pig on something. But tonight, after a really rough evening (I mean really rough) I finally finished feeding our baby and I got myself onto the treadmill at almost 10 pm for 46 minutes. I got off and did some free hand weights. I just finished. Yes, a very late night.

What got me onto the treadmill? My final goal. I cannot stop thinking about my goal! I cannot take my eyes off of the prize. I really want to make my mini goal next week. I want to go for a facial for the first time. I need some pampering REALLY bad.

I feel much better right now, but I must get showered and into bed. Everybody else in the family is sleeping right at this moment. Morning comes early that is for sure.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

9 weeks 4 days Postpartum Shot

OK, this first photo was from 8 days postpartum and I weighed 217 pounds here.
And here is this evening, 9 weeks 4 days postpartum and 203.6 pounds

Can you see a difference? I see a little.

Guess WHAT!

My rings fit AGAIN! I am so happy! I am wearing my 3 rings again!! Yay!! I feel married again lol!

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 3

Well, as I expected I had a GREAT loss this week of 5 pounds something. I weigh 203.6!

Cliff ALSO had a great week losing 8 pounds something. We both WEIGH THE SAMEEEEEEEEEE...Oh well. I am happy for him, and for me. But I WANT TO WEIGH LESS than my hubby. Yuck. With time right.

With this weeks weight loss I am OFFICIALLY lower than my pre-pregnancy weight of 204. I have also reached a sidebar milestone, and now I am only 4 pounds to my first real goal of 199! Then I schedule my first ever facial!

Tonight we are going to splurge a bit on nachos, but reduced portion and stuff like cheese. They will still be good I am sure. I am also on my exercise day off. I need it after this week...

Well, I am off to enjoy the day! Cheers!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Yesterday I did Jazzercise class, and spent most of yesterday taking photos of everybody and everything. Thank you Jill for lending me your DSLR! I am having a blast!! Keeps my hands out of the food lol! I am totally enjoying your camera!

Tomorrow is weigh in day, and I am excited about it. I think I have done well this week. People are starting to notice my weight loss which is exciting and keeps me motivated that is for sure. But Cliff! He looks totally different!! Wow. He is doing awesome.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to find my passion?

Here is some information from Hope that she wrote out for me awhile back. I am STILL in the process and working hard to figure myself and my passions out.

What do you think I would do well at?

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This morning I got to sleep in...which I really needed. Today was all about the errands (well after a morning of photography 101 with Jillian and was a GREAT way to keep my hands busy and out of the goodies lol) and then we did all of our shopping. We picked up a 6" Subway turkey sub and it felt sinful because it tasted so good but few calories. And, then we treated ourselves to a non fat latte. Yummy. For supper this evening the kids had tuna wraps and salad. And Cliff and I had a Lean Cuisine each and salad and I was STUFFED from it. Crazy how that happens. Two weeks ago I was STARVING, and now I am STUFFED so easily.

Tonight we AGAIN got out for a run. We did 5/1's together. So 5 mins run, and 1 min walk to recover. We did about 45 minutes total. We reversed our route tonight, and ran down the hill and up the MEGA stairs. I felt the burn of my legs tonight that is for sure.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Jazzercise! Yippee! Love going! Can't wait. Tomorrow I am committing to 10 weeks of 1 day a week.

Cliff is back in his smaller pants, and he is looking slim and trim already! He is going to have a great loss on Tuesday! I know he will be near the top of the top 10! I am so happy for him!

I could squeeze into my size 16 cargo pants today! I hung them back up in my closet and I am just so excited because 3 weeks ago I couldn't pull them up past my thighs. Now I need some t-shirts and cute runners to go with. I am doing the happy dance!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Morning - 9 weeks postpartum today

Last night I went on the treadmill for 45 minutes really late at night. Cliff went first, I went on after him after feeding Courtney. I wanted to get on there, so it was almost 10 at night when I got on! But, seriously it felt great, and I cannot wait until tonight!! I find I feel better and I stand taller with a better posture after walking. I miss my tall posture. Before kids I would stand tall and people always commented on my straight posture. Now I slouch thanks to all of the feedings on the couch. I am working on that! Working very hard to get that back!

Well, another weigh in is coming up on Tuesday. I think this week will be more successful than last. I think for the weigh in, I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight or maybe just above. But I will certainly hit my smaller milestone so that is great! Then, next to jump under 200 pounds. It is so close!!

I am finding my underwear falls down when I walk briskly to and from school lol. And my pants and tops are getting loose. I will soon be able to give those away and probably in a week I will be into some older clothes that are hanging in my closet. That will be exciting. I should take a photo to mark this event.

We are getting into the groove of our new healthy lifestyle. Last week we kind of were in a funk of sorts. Almost mourning our 'old way' of eating and lifestyle. Almost depressing kind of, but not that bad. But I am over it, and totally committed 100% to our plan. It is working. I think Cliff will be down 5 or more this week. He is losing his face, and is becoming smaller. And he is in his smaller pants and wearing a belt. He is pleased with himself! I am proud of him.

I have been enjoying my new ways, and I feel so much better and lighter both physically and emotionally. Eating has just got to be for nourishing our bodies and keeping us healthy. Not just for eating, for eatings sake. That concept is really difficult some days. But, I have been allowing myself to eat what I want when I want but smaller portions and of course increasing my fruit and veggie intake. Tonight for instance instead of nachos late at night, we will both get on the treadmill and then maybe have a treat like a 100 calorie pack or a 100 calorie chocolate bar with a tea...usually a green tea. It is very satisfying too! But a big change. But a necessary change.

Change is good! It is opening up doors and windows to me that I never thought possible.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday already!!

Last night I got onto the treadmill an hour earlier than expected, so I was done by almost 9 pm which was great. I LOVED my walk. I walked for 65 minutes, most which was done at 4.2 or so. I listened to old Spice Girls tunes, and listened to Queen too! I had a blast, and the songs were nice and fast paced. No running last night just pure speed walking lol.

Well, we both stood on the scale yesterday morning and Cliff went down 3 pounds and now we both weigh the SAME. YUCK. That will have to change. I don't like weighing more or the same. I want to weigh LESS. Why do they lose weight like that anyways?? Oh well. I am in this for the long haul. I can do it.

My sister and her boyfriend are away for about 8 weeks in South America travelling. So, I figure by the time they get back at the end of February I should be down at least 16 pounds! I keep thinking of that.

I am also thinking of my postpartum check up at the doctors that will most likely be in April now. I bet I will be WAY down from my pre-pregnancy weight considering I am pounds away from it today. That is so exciting to me, and I am sure my doctor will be happy too for me. I will be UNDER the 200 mark by then. That means I will be past that mental part of being over 200 pounds. To me that is the worst part of the pregnancy/postpartum phase for me. I don't like the feeling of that.

So, I know mentally my game is on, and I am working HARD towards my ultimate goal!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Middle of the Week

Well, yesterday I was so dang tired I didn't exercise. Tuesdays are my day off to watch the Biggest Loser. So I did that. I feel run down and perhaps on the verge of a cold. So I rested. So far today, I feel pretty good. So back to the treadmill tonight around 9 pm for an hour. Two days of nothing makes me feel agitated. Yesterday I felt I fed Courtney a lot.

I am not doing well with getting into bed early either. We TRY very hard every night, but the nights are filled with lunches, snacks, feedings for Courtney, forms, recording reading, stuff for the mail bags. I couldn't even imagine trying to do that all in the morning. It is chaotic enough in the morning! We seem to get into bed around 12 am without fail. And then our 6 am wake up call comes early. Plus a couple of feeds for Coco in the middle of the night. And this has been going now for 8+ weeks. It is taking its toll that is for sure. Cliff and I both feel that.

Well, thankfully for exercise I have been doing my walks to and fro school with Courtney in the Baby Bjorn, and the two in the stroller. Plus I wear Coco after that around the house to get my laundry done etc. So, at least I get a bit of exercise in there!

The eating portion has gone very well. I am confident the weight will keep creeping off very slowly. But that is OK. It is healthy that way.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 2

Well, after all of my hard work of last week I am down another 2 pounds. (Cliff is also down 2 pounds!) I am now 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and when I get there I am hoping my wedding rings will fit again!

We are back to our plan this morning and I am looking forward to logging some more miles on the treadmill tonight. (after a break yesterday)

Waist measurement January 1st: 42"

Waist measurement today: 37.5"

I am down 4.5" in 2 weeks!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Never cheat day before a weigh in...

Well, because I did. I went to my Oma's and she prepared a great meal for Cliff and I. Homemade soup, a German sausage, dark rye bread with delimeat, pickles, and for dessert her yummy yellow plum compote complete with whipping cream and walnut frozen yogurt for dessert. And green tea...yup. We cheated but hey, sometimes you just have to. I worked out hard this week and ate ALL healthy and good. It was good, and tomorrow it is weigh in in the morning and BACK on track. I am doing a U TURN...

I went to my old ortho today too. They took molds of my mouth and so new retainers are on order. Two weeks! They gave me a great deal too because I kept my smile in shape for 24 years (and I still had my retainers!!) Yay for me. Yay for great teeth!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I *heart* running

I got to go out for a 35 minute run with my hubby tonight! It was wonderful. We did 2/1's. For you non runners out there we did 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking to recover. We did 6 sets, we walked down a huge set of stairs, and then up a big long hill! We walked and ran some more and then finished with a walk and stretching! We are getting in our last chance workouts lol!

Weigh in day is approaching on Tuesday morning!


This morning I went back to Jazzercise! It was a great hour of dance type moves to music and included a strength training element which I enjoyed! And really FELT it!

My eating has been very good. I treated myself to a Non Fat Decaf Latte yesterday from Starbucks and it was yummy.

My weight for the weigh it seems like I am stalling at this weight maybe a couple of pounds down but nothing like last week. I even ramped up my workout schedule this past week. I think it is because of my breastfeeding. But hey, I have to feed her so if I do not lose a lot at least the effort is there 100%!

The weight will come off, even if it is a pound of week I am still losing! That is a good thing.

Well, Cliff took 5 of the kids out for a run...the weather is gorgeous and baby/duty calls AGAIN.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am SO superficial

Well, my veins are anyways lol.

The vein (ultrasound) scan is now done. My deep veins are in GREAT shape. I am in trouble with the superficial veins. Both valves on both sides in the groin are 'shot' and will both need to be fixed with surgery. During the appointment he asked me to do ONE thing, that is to PUSH when he says push, and I said to him OH I CAN PUSH WELL lol! The funny thing is I pushed more at the scan than with my last births (but not as hard!!) So, that is all I have to report. I go back to for the follow up with my specialist at the end of this month to discuss what happens next. Glad that is over. Hopefully no more trips downtown for awhile.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I had a great day today. I did my 30 full minutes of hip Hop Abs, my strength training and my 60 mins on the treadmill. I had a good eating day too. i think Courtney is going through another growth spurt again because I fed her A LOT today. Now she is peacefully sleeping beside me.

Tomorrow I am heading to the big city for my vein scans of my wonderful legs. Glad to get this over with so I can move on and get these legs done once and for all!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, Courtney would not allow me to get on the treadmill this am. So, I will be going on the treadmill while Cliff does dinner for the kids. (I will eat after I work out!)

Yesterday I managed to get my strength training program done in the morning and 15 minutes of my Hip Hop Abs! (Thanks sister Amy!) Then, Courtney wanted to eat. So, that didn't happen.

For today I did well. I managed to do 60 mins on the treadmill before dinner (10 which were running and it felt good to be BACK!) And I got my good old skipping ropes out. And I skipped 'slow' until I counted to 100, and then 'fast' until my feet caught the rope which was 10. I will up the 'fast' on the days I decide I want to skip. Then I did a nice stretch outside. Ahhhh...good times. I must update my tunes on the Ipod. I am bored already...need new tunes. Any suggestions? play list ideas please let me know in the comments.

Dinner tonight we created a salad lol. (and lunch for tomorrow) We used 2 cans of tuna, black beans, tomatoes, purple onion and balsamic vinegar. It was really good! I also had a pink grapefruit and it tasted like pure candy. It was delicious. But be not fooled. I saw a commercial for a Blizzard and had I lived next door to DQ I think I would have gone for one lol. But thankfully there is no ice cream in sight or on site.

Well, there is still more to be done and I want to have a tea with my hubby whom I never see anymore because of our workouts. We are like strangers who pass by in the night. Well maybe good friends. Sad, sad sad.

The great thing about this plan it is like a lightbulb has gone off and I am getting it. I am just getting it. This is the way to live. It is working and that is so much motivation to keep me going. I still look in the mirror and see no difference but the MENTAL is all there. And that is all I need.

I am a mere 6 pounds from my pre preggo weight and will probably be there next week which is THRILLING because Courtney is 8 weeks tomorrow. I don't think the baby weight has EVER come off this fast. But I have never worked so hard so early on. This is a majorly exciting thought!! I think with any luck my rings will fit soon. I miss my wedding bands. I will try them on in 6 pounds.

And when I get to my pre preggo weight, I am then only 5 pounds from the number under 200. 199! Oh how exciting. With every pound lost I feel so excited and this time I know will be life changing! Change in 2008! It is so good already!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 up!

Remember Hans and Franz from SNL? Well, I feel pumped up this morning! Courtney slept for 7 or so hours. My alarm went off at 4:55 am. She wouldn't get up. So I got up. And I got on that treadmill for 60 minutes. I walked at a brisk pace of 4.0 and I did 5 mins of running at 5.5. It felt great. Then she was up and I fed her after.

Today I am going to do some stretching and some upper body weights. I have tried a new place to record my eating and exercise (and do another blog there lol) called Sparkpeople. I will put that link in my link section. It is great and I like it better than Fitday. But hey, it is all about personal choices. Whatever works and makes the day easier for me!

Cliff and I were in the top 10 for percentage of weight loss yesterday. That was good! Whether we win the competition or not, we still win! I am so happy about the changes we are making in our lives this year. I know this is going to be a great year for the whole family.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - First One

Well, drum roll please...I am down about 8 pounds!

Exact scale numbers: 210.4

I am doing the happy dance!

(Cliff is down 11 pounds!)

Today I am taking my walking day off. Back at it TOMORROW AM!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2006

Up this morning at 5:15 for a 1 hour session of walk run on the treadmill. I was averaging around 4.0 speed and it felt great. Thank goodness for a treadmill and for an Ipod. Couldn't do it without them both.

I am feeling more satisfied, and Courtney seems fine these days also. I am starting to track my intake of food, and exercise on it seems pretty cool. Even Cliff is getting into it. He is already wearing pants one size smaller (gggrhhh men why is it so EASY for them!?) anyways I am really excited for him. He is already feeling good! Me too, but my results are not physical yet. Just mental and emotional.

I am back to having my greens +, water with lemon (10 cups a day) and I had Kashi Go Lean with skim milk. Snack was no fat yogurt (Vanilla) 2 tbsp flax seeds and a handful of raisins.

For lunch, was a yummy salad with romaine/spinach/tomato/a few pistachios crushed/onion and a hard boiled egg. Dressing was mostly balsamic and EVOO.

For afternoon snack, my "trail mix" consisting of 1 cup Cheerios, 1/4 cup almonds, 1/4 cup of Craisins.

Dinner will be Turkey Roll Ups for the whole family as they LOVE them with veggies and hummus.

For an evening snack I am not sure. Figure that out later. And, I am going to REALLY try to get into bed earlier. Last night was another after midnight night!

As for the plan! I am super happy with my previous week. Hopefully when I stand on the scale tomorrow morning I will see my hard work in action! I expect my ticker to move nicely.

And, the mindset I have is very positive (must be from all of the breastfeeding and treadmilling lol) and I feel like I am going to accomplish my goal!

And, I am trying to remember that like an actor or an actress you are only as good as your last gig. Just like the program I am on! I must move forward as hard as I did this past week!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Had a bit more sleep last night, and I got another sleep in! Thank goodness for a supportive husband! It is so much easier to stick to a healthy program when I have a 'buddy' to stand by me. And me to him.

I woke up and I did 1 hour on the treadmill, I did some upper body weights and then a good stretch.

For brunch I had the 3 egg white with 1 whole egg spinach, tomato and light feta! It is so good and so filling.

We took Carly to a birthday party today, and so we picked ourselves up grande decaf lattes (well Cliff had caf and a biscotti) and it tasted so good and only 130 calories! (the biscotti was 160 cals for him)

For lunch/snack I had a whole wheat wrap, with mustard (one line) 1/2 a slice of deli ham, lettuce and tomato.

For dinner I had 2 slices of whole grain bread from IGA (120 cals for 2 slices) a veggie burger patty, sauteed purple onion and a bit of bolognase sauce (blue menu RCSS) really filling!

Tonight was a slice of rocking bread, with a tablespoon of apple butter and a 100 calorie choco mint bar and of course green tea. Boy was that yummy! I start my morning with my greens + and end with green tea!

I cannot believe how quickly the first weigh in is here!! Tuesday morning my hard work should pay off for this first week. It has gone by really fast. Even faster because tomorrow everybody is back to school and back to our routine!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday, January 5th

This morning I slept in, but I will say that I was up most of the night because of Courtney feeding, the brutal wind, and waking kids who were very scared of the dark. But, I awoke later than normal fed baby an got ready and hopped on the treadmill. I was only going to do 30 mins, but I ended up doing my 60 mins. Felt great once I got on there. When I finished I stretched out, had my Greens + and then my water and my vitamins.

Cliff made me an awesome 3 egg white omelet with 1 whole egg, tomato, spinach and a top of feta cheese. It was very satisfying. Cliff also packed me up my snack baggy of Cheerios, almonds and craisins. I survived a 'function' with eating and ate well. When I got home I had a super yummy whole wheat tortilla rolled up with one slice of deli turkey breast, lettuce and tomato. And, 1 glass of full of pulp OJ (I may be getting a cold?!) Anyways it was good.

For snack tonight, Cliff make us hummus and cucumber dips with red peppers, brocolli and carrots. We toasted whole wheat pitas into 'chips' and dipped them into the dips. Very yummy. Finished off with green tea. I was totally satisfied.

Lots of water today too. It was a good day!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My old and new habits...for life

I think I know why the pounds have crept on over the past years. Especially during my pregnancies and afterwards. I was never this size until after the kids showed up. I am not blaming them, what is on me is all because of me. But, the kids keep me busy and I often end up being last on the priority scale. This year, this will HAVE to change. I have to take back my body!

As part of my goal, I have been trying to really be 'present' and 'mindful' when eating this year so far. I find it very hard to do, because I am eating between feeds, between diaper changes, between diaper emergencies, pick ups and drop off to the various places and especially when baby is crying. That is when I just shovel everything into my mouth without even realizing it or even tasting it. I eat because I am starving, so I grab whatever is in my path. And that is not healthy for me. The foods I choose are usually empty calories, or sometimes fruit. And not enough. So, I had to have a plan a good healthy plan which I now have, and I bought the book for easy reference when feeding Courtney. They make it really easy (and FREE) to do. Shopping lists by food groupings, and a solid plan so that I need not fail. So far so good. This new plan we are on is helping to go back to the way a body/person is meant to eat. So that is good.

I have been really hungry, and tired. So, I have upped my caloric intake. I want to lose weight and feel great, but I also have Courtney to take care of. The tired probably comes from all of the other areas in my life that keep me busy.

I know the way I am eating is not temporary (even if I win the Goo-Be-Gone) I will have to eat like this for life. I want to be the best person I can be. So, this year of weight loss is all for me. And by the time I am at my goal weight. Courtney will be almost a year old. Life will be in some ways easier I think, but new challenges always arrive as the kids grow older. I am taking this year to get back to the old/new me. I don't even know who I will be at the end. But I am looking forward to the process. Starting the process was my first step. You see, I am a go getter. I go after the things I want. And, I REALLY want this bad.

Another goal I have (along with Cliff) is to get into bed earlier. I am a night owl, and still am a night owl. I have always been a night owl. But my Cliffy is not. Even with a newborn baby in the house I still stay up into the wee hours of the night. But, that can make for dangerous eating habits too. Thankfully you can not eat whilst sleeping! So, our goal is 10:30 pm bed time. So far I have done this once this year lol. I am trying VERY hard. BUT, if I am up later I am not eating. I am drinking my green tea which is a lovely way to end the night.

I am also walking everyday. On my treadmill or out with Cliff. Too dark to go alone. As long as I do a minimum of 30 and a max of 90. 90 mins will obviously be when I am not breastfeeding, and I am in better health.

I am also doing a bit of strength training using my own body weight, and of course my 5 pound hand weights. And, once a week I will go to Jazzercise. I miss going! I miss MOVING my body. It feels really good to get out of the house. I need the boost of being away from everybody once in awhile. I really need 'me' time. And so I have to plan for it.

I took some 'before' photos. Front back and side on January 1st. I don't think I will be posting those. Too scary for me to post right now. I might save them for the end of the challenge. For the full effect of a HUGE weight loss.

I am forgiving myself of the past, and moving on in a more positive light. I am trying to reprogram my self talk to be more kind to myself. I have been to mean to myself. I need to treat my body and self with respect. So, I am working on that!

Jan 4

Well, last night I went for a power walk with Cliff for about 40 minutes. We came home and stretched and had apple cinnamon saute. And some green tea (decaf). I went to bed with Courtney around 11...a bit later than I wanted but hey. That is life.

She was fussy, I think because I am not eating enough. So, I will definately eat a bit more today. I already walked for an hour on the treadmill from 5:15 am - 6:15 am and did some upper body weights. I feel great so far. I ate an extra banana, and I am going to eat a hard boiled egg when I can this morning (and I have already had my Kashi cereal, skim milk and raspberries!! and it is delish! The kids even eat it!)

Tonight, I will have 'eating challenges' and tomorrow. We have company coming, and Cliff still has to run, and we have to prepare a healthy meal...we can do it. And, tomorrow I am going to a tupperwear party and have to watch what I eat there too. But eating challenges are going to be for life. This plan I am undertaking is FOR LIFE! So, I do what I need to do. And, I am going to DO it WELL! Because when I am motivated, I will get it done! I am feeling really good about my mental self, but not the physical. That will come, and I keep my eye on the prize!!

My mom sent me some info via email last night, and here is what it said:

Say, I was looking at an old US Weekly today and they had from 2003 Bachelorette, Ryan and Trista. Anyway she had a baby in July and she is wanting to lose weight for Christmas, wonder if she made it! Anyhoo, they wrote about her breastfeeding and it said, just not safe to cut calories so if on a diet the following was recommended.

This was in a box in very fine print with an * beside it:
Doctors recommend adding 300 calories a day when breast-feeding, say nutritionist Carrie Wiatt. "the best way to do this is up the protein in your menu. To a 1, 200 calorie-a-day diet, add 2 ounces of protein (200 calories) and a glass of milk (100 calories), or an extra snack like 12 almonds (125 calories.)"

I know you said you were still hungry last night, and yes, if you are cutting back and exercising you will be, but we want to be sure your body is getting enough of everything to pass onto Miss Courtney. It's always Miss Courtney.

Love you Mom and thanks for your support! xo

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jan 3rd

Yummy salad with watermelon and feta for lunch!

Well, last night I was so tired that I was in bed by 10:15, then Courtney was up at 1 am for a feed. The alarm was on for 4:09 am. I wanted Courtney to wake up and eat, but she didn't want to wake up on my schedule lol. So, I set the alarm again for 5 and she ate at that time. Then, there was not enough to get my workout in. So that kind of sucked. I think I have my period of all things. So, that really sucks.

Anyways. I got up and got ready and walked the kids to their day program today with all six of the kids. Although a slow walk. I still walked for a good 45 mins I would say. Tonight I am going to walk at a faster pace when Cliff gets home from work.

Yesterday I was so hungry. I need to eat more I think. So I am going to add some fruits and maybe some more grain to my plan. I am also going to try to email YOU: On a Diet and ask about nursing moms. I am sure there are others like myself that would like that question answered.

The meals we have been eating are REALLY good! We feel less bloated, and the kids are helping us make our dinners at night! It has been really good for us all. The kids still get their 'treats' and they are good little eaters.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 1 - January 2nd 2008

This morning I had the alarm go off at 4:30 am. I awoke Courtney to breastfeed her. Then, at just after 5 am I got my gear on and got moving. I did 1 hour on the treadmill, and some basic stretching and a few exercises until about 6:30 am. Showered and got my day going. It is 9:19 am and I am tired. I went to bed at about 1 am last night. Tonight, I am trying my hardest to get to bed at 10:30 pm at the latest. I am a night owl, so the transition to get to bed early will be hard for me. But I NEED to do this for my own health and sanity.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Our huge grocery shop is done, the meal plan for the week is on the fridge, the recipes are in a new folder. Our lunches are made for tomorrow. Cliff made them for us. My running shoes are out, the alarm is set for 4:30 am for a date on the treadmill. And my iPod is ready to go. Now, we will see what Courtney gives me tonight, and tomorrow morning.

We are really excited to start this plan. We cannot wait. Cliff has his exercise plan ready for tomorrow too. We will do shifts and work together as a team.

We watched The Biggest Loser tonight! Wow! It is going to be good, and we weigh in on the same day as the competitors!

January 2nd, 2008. The first day to change the rest of our lives! This feels better than Christmas to me!

Lose Weight in 2008

Yes, I am going to lose weight in 2008! I am pumped and excited to start my plan. I have emailed in my weight (with a scale picture) and look forward to my first week of healthy eating and daily exercise.

I am following the plan YOU: on a Diet and will be walking for my fitness portion. I don't just mean a stroll either. I plan on aggressively taking on the treadmill! I have been known in the past to walk for 2 hours. But, life today does not allow for that kind of time. And, with my vein issues I have to walk only doctors orders. No running or kickboxing like I wanted to do in January as I am not allowed right now. BUT that will not STOP me from reaching my goal of 140 pounds. I am giving myself 10 months to reach my goal. I am going to reach my goal! I cannot wait! 2008 is the year I am going to lose the weight. FOREVER!!

Now, to think and dream up a great goal for myself when I get there. What is my ultimate goal?

I have months to think about this!