Saturday, May 31, 2008

I did some shopping today

For myself.

It felt good to do that. I first got myself two new pairs of jeans. One size 7, one size 5. I then got two tank tops. One black and one grey. One size medium, one size small. I got two new skirts in size 8 from Winners (thanks Mom and Dad in law for those) and then I FINALLY got my running skirt in black size small, a new running bra and my brand new fuel belt in size medium. I also got my e-load for electrolyte replacement, some goos, and body glide. I am set for my hot weather 18k tomorrow morning. I cannot not wait to get out there and do it again!

Everything I got today was on sale! That is a bonus. I now have my eye on a white running jacket and a pink hoodie, both from the Running Room. Life is good.

Now, I must go drink some water to prepare for my big run tomorrow.

Current Cathy...

currently 152 pounds
217 pounds - 8 days postpartum November 2007

this outfit is getting lose already!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday and fine...

Well, life is back to normal around here. Cliff and I are back to normal. We were highly stressed and we took it out on each other, and those around us. But we are sorry for that. And we are back. Our differences worked out. Problems figured out.

What helped? A night out last night with an old girlfriend with the same name as me. Our lives couldn't be more different now...she is a doctor, and me a stay at home mom. But the commonalities were still there and we had nice glass of wine, a yummy salad. And LOTS of laughs and catching up. It was a lovely evening. When I got home Cliff and I were able to get out for a coffee together, and a treat. We were given a yummy choco/banana loaf (reduced fat) each for free by our regular place. So we had a mini date. It was good. We needed that, I need that. He needed that.

So here it is Friday, and I probably will head out for a run tonight. Most likely with my friend Lisa (the one with six kids and the SAME family LOL) so that will be good. Cliff will probably go out after us.

I have decided to wait on my half marathon on June 22nd. I know I can do the distance as I am a mere 3.1 km's away from my goal, but the timing is just not right. For me it is, but for the family it is not. I am still considering that mini tri. My son wants to do the kids version of it. So, that might be a go. BUT we need to wait and see how the family is (FIL) it is too hard to make plans like I have said before.

But I am happy to report that I have not given up. I had a moment of dispair and weakness when I said I was done. Well I am not done. Because yesterday I did kilometre club at school with two of our kids. We did nine laps around the field and it felt great. I cannot give up, because I, Cathy...I am not a quitter. I am dedicated to reaching my goals! And I am going to get there. Even if I am plateauing, or I don't get there as fast as I want. I will do what I need to do.

So, yes. I am back and I am feeling better than ever. This weekend I am going to get my new fuel belt, running skirt and possibly some size six jeans, and some extra small tops from American Eagle. If I can be a size six there, I am buying from them LOL. Remember around our anniversary (May 9th) I was able to fit into my little sister Amy's jeans...they were a six. So, off I will go to see if I can fit into them and find a pair for myself. My current size 9's are loose, and my tops well, they are loose too. I would have never ever thought that a size small would be too big LOL. Never!!

So, I know even if the scale is creeping slowly down, the inches are really coming off. I took a tape measure to my waist yesterday morning and it was around 28inches...and on January 1st of this year my waist was 42 inches. So, that is 14 INCHES off of my waist. That is just my waist. I am truly amazed at how far I have come...I am proud of myself. I measured my hips too, but I will save that number until my goal. Let me just say I was shocked...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

One good thing...

This morning, our son asked my husband how old somebody has to be go running at the Running Room? We said about your age. So, I guess all of our healthy outings and running together is making our kids take note of how to be healthy. I guess that is called leading by example?!

I am pleased. We told him we will need to get new runners, and that he should be sure to participate in Kilometre Club at school. (2x's per week.)

That made my morning! I am excited to see that he wants to try running! How fun will that be to run with our son! I bet he kicks our but out there!! Oh to be young...


and I had a bad day. Yes, I Cathy had a really crappy day. Nothing seemed to go right in my world. It affected everybody and everything around me.

I let everything get to me. We even had my parents (who unfortunately saw our bad moods) come over to watch our kids so we could get out running together and go for coffee with friends. What a gift, but we ruined it. Well, our bad moods/fight etc. made us late for our run. We tried to get there and ended up doing a short little brisk power walk (me with my clenched jaw and balled up fists) and then back. We didn't talk rather ignore each other. It was not good. We picked up diapers and back home we went. Sent my parents home early. I bathed Caroline, and we got the kids into bed. I told Cliff I was going to bed after I finished feeding Courtney. So at 9:30 pm I was in bed. I did not say goodnight. I just went to bed in anger. Yup. Not a good way to do things.

So this morning, I heard Cliff come to bed really late. Then Courtney was up. I fed her, then the alarm went off. This morning there were few to little words spoke. I did however mutter yesterday after our walk that I was done. Done with everything. I told him I was done with running, exercise, and that I would consider selling my bike, my camera etc. Just so that things wouldn't be so hard anymore. It is hard to keep fit, and keep a family and keep a happy marriage. It is hard to balance EVERYTHING all at once. Yes, it has been trying around here. I truly feel it is the stress of everything to do with my FIL etc. Not good and creates stress in the family. Unfortunate but true.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 21

Here is another week gone by. Really quickly too. We decided to have our splurge night on Sunday evening, after my 18 km run. We had nachos, tea and some dark chocolate. So, my weight today is a bit off. I was expecting almost a 4 pound loss, and it turned out to be less than one pound. Due to my splurge. Goes to show you what eating at night EVEN with exercise and lack of sleep does. Hardly any weightloss. I am only one measly point from the 'healthy' weight range for my BMI. A point. Grrhhhh. Tomorrow I am sure I will be under that. Darn splurge...

I was down to 154.6 this morning. I am OK with that. I am toning up that is for sure, because when I was running on Sunday my fuel belt fell down around my ankles because the belt is too large. Last week I could still use it (still too big) and this week cannot use it anymore. Cliff will take my current one, and I will get a new one I have been eyeing in the store. And a new running skirt is in my future. Too hot to run in black capri running tights (and they are too big for me now.)

I have to say I have been laughing how people address me these SCRAWNY, SKINNY, HEY you are wasting away, What are you doing? Hot Momma! (yelled out to me with a thumbs up on my walk to school and back yesterday morning.) I have to think about those comments and accept them and realize that the person on the outside is different. I am just the same me, but different in a better way. I have to allow my view of myself to catch up with what others see. I still see me as the big preggo, extra weight, nursing mom. I find myself asking my husband Cliff who I 'compare' to as in size etc. I don't know where I fit in that way.

I don't seem to be losing the balance of the weight I would like to lose. It has taken me about 3 weeks to lose four pounds. I am not sure. Also, I am breastfeeding still and maybe my body is just holding onto my reserve fat stores for this. I am not sure. I was hoping to be under and into the 140's by today. As I said before, I was close but splurged after my long run and here I am.

Kind of frustrating because I am not slacking, I am eating like I was two months ago. I am exercising even more and still it is here. I am still stuck in the 150's. I will work really hard this week and see if I can get under. I need to see that at least. If not, maybe this is where I hold for awhile. Until I stop feeding etc. I will see.

I have to still remain positive because I have taken off 83.4 pounds since November 16th. I tried on my 'before' bathing suit for Cliff and it is hanging off of my body (two piece tankini style) and I still haven't taken my inches measurements for some time. If I do not lose more by next week I will measure and post that for further motivation. I have no idea how many inches I have taken off my hips since January 1st! It will be exciting to find out that is for sure.

Tomorrow I am back to a straight run with my running group. Cannot wait to get active again!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Long 18K Run...

This morning I did something monumental in my own eyes. I ran 18 kilometres through Langley and Cloverdale and back into Langley for 1 hour and 57 minutes. I ran by my old neighbourhood, I ran by a friends house. I saw horses, cows and beautiful fields of buttercups. It was a very hot day. I drank 4 bottles of water (8 oz each) and almost all of my Clif chews. I was still thirsty. At times there was absolutely no breeze, and at times breeze just as I needed it. I ran a lot of uphill, and some downhill. I am thankful for my running buddy Kevin for getting me through a very mentally and physically challenging run.

I am thankful that I am in good enough shape to run a run of that distance. I remember back to when I first started to run back after I had my fourth baby Catie. I was overweight, out of shape and I would watch in AWE of these 'crazy half marathoners' and 'marathoners' and be like...I cannot WAIT to be able to do that distance. And today, I was out on a long run just as I had seen years ago, and I was feeling like a million bucks out there (at times) at some point of the run, about 11K in, it was hot, we were running up a long hill and I was like I will make it, I can make it up to the top. Because I did that today. I ran 18K! I acheived that. I am 3.1K away from my goal race of 21.1K! SO attainable to me now!

It is amazing to me my mental mind shift, complete with my body changes and how wonderful that has made me feel. I feel happy, I feel light I feel confident. I feel assure of myself. I feel good about being a woman, and a Mom of six beautiful kids. I am a runner. I am an 'athlete' in training and that my friends is how I have wanted to feel for SO long. I am nearing a goal that I have wanted for several years now. And now, in several weeks I can check that off of my 'life list' and work towards an even bigger goal...I have so many goals. And even though I am busy etc. I can still work towards acheiving my goals. I find this to be even more important than before! I find the older I get, the more I believe in myself. The more I want for myself.

It is amazing and I just wanted to write this all down, so that when I go for a 20K run in 2 weeks, I can review and evaluate and move forward! More towards my huge goal.

My huge goal of running my first half marathon. That is going to be sweet victory for me! Sweet success.

I can imagine myself finishing STRONG and proud! I get chills thinking about this one moment, one blip in my life! Wow.

I will take the rest of the day to enjoy this runners high. I will treat myself to a new 'running skirt' and a new fuel belt as my running gear is getting too big. Today my fuel belt fell to the ground as I was running. Time to get some new stuff, try it all out BEFORE my goal race. Be prepared and focussed.

My next run will be a steady run, maybe on Tuesday. Running Wednesday tempo 5K, and maybe another run Friday night. Then another 18K on Sunday morning. Repeat, and then the 20K run the following Sunday. Then a bit of a taper...and then getting close to my run!

Well, I am off to enjoy the sunshine!
"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Friday Night

Tonight I did about 6k straight run...was supposed to be 5k but I think I did part of a wrong route. So, I did that in about 28 minutes...and I am really pleased with that. I walked for 10 minutes and stretched. THEN, I met my friend Lisa (the friend with six kids too--same family LOL) and we went walk running together. I ran to her place (8 minutes) then did a couple of walk run sets. Maybe 4k? and a hill. It was nice to get out with Lisa tonight. We hope to be able to do this every Friday.

So, today I think I did about 10k. Possibly...more? Not sure. But a lot of running to prepare me for the half marathon.

Friday, May 23, 2008

140's are close...

I have really found that you can eat well all you want, and the weight hardly budges when breastfeeding. BUT, if you eat well and ramp up the exercise combined with a positive I AM GOING TO GET THIS WEIGHT off mental attitude of pure positivity it surely works. IT is like a magice triangle!! All points of the triangle have to be FULLY engaged to lose the weight I have found.

I could possibly be in the 140's next week which is just crazy to me. I keep standing on the scale in disbelief!! I keep getting called 'bone rack' and 'skinny' which I do not see LOL. All I know is that I have never ever felt so strong and healthy. For I am doing this whole weight loss really well.

So I could possibly drop into the 140's this coming week, or the next. I haven't been there since 1989/1990. The year I graduated or just in college. The thought is just mind blowing to me. I have muscles developing in my legs, and I look strong. I like that look for me.

I find I have to 'release' the weight in my mind and let it go, and it goes. Bye bye weight. I never want to see you again.

It is Friday, and I have a 5 kilometre steady run to do tonight at a very good pace. I am hoping/needing to complete this run in 26 minutes which is a good race pace for the half. That time will also take about 2 minutes off of my fastest 5 k I have ever done. *fingers crossed*


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plans for the weekend...

Well, tonight was a 'day off' in the exercise part. Eating was healthy and good. No problems there. Tonight our friend Kevin took Cliff out for a good run. And, tomorrow I am going to do a 5K steady run (no 10/1's for me) and then on Sunday morning, get this...18K. Yes, you read that right (GULP) I am running 18 Kilometres with Kevin. Oh that will be a big challenge. I have 4 weeks left until my first half marathon! I am going to be so ready (positive thinking!!!) for this!

That is a lot of distance to do! Wow. I think I will be running all over town!!

Officially Jared's...???

I think I am on 'Jared's Diet!' (well Cliff and I both)

Is it bad that the lady at our local Subway knows who we are, and what we order when we walk in? We have had Subway almost every night this week?

I personally love the six inch sweet onion chicken terriyaki on whole wheat. Toasted, lettuce, tomato and onion and sweet onion sauce. 1 bag of baked lays and an iced tea to split with my hubby.

Seriously, I love Subway so much that I should marry it LOL!

Jared...oh Jared...LOL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday straight run...

I just got back from an 8.65K straight run. (well one short walk break after a straight 3K uphill!)

I ran with my running buddy Kevin. He is going to run the half marathon with me on June 22nd. He will put me through my paces that is for sure. Today was certainly challenging, but I love a good challenge.

I am going to start running some straight runs of about 5K on extra days, and will also be doing a 10K straight run. Oh, and bumping a long Sunday run of 20K!!!! Yikes!

I also got my beautiful bike back! I now need to get a helmet and cycle/tri shorts and I am good to cycle! I am not sure if I even know how to ride my bike and switch my gears?! Oh well, I think it should be like 'riding a bike' right!??! I sure hope so.

So, yes. Half marathon in just over one month! My first really BIG challenge for me! Cannot WAIT!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obese - Overweight - Normal Weight (BMI)

It am just over a pound away from being in a normal BMI. When I weigh 154 pounds I am there! That is going to feel so good to know I am getting healthier by the day. I am appreciating every healthy and happy moment I have. Especially when I see my poor FIL and all that he is going through. I cherish the good times these days and make plans for the future!

I can run, I am going to run!

I can laugh, I am going to laugh!

I can do anything I set my mind to, and I plan on it!

I am now 5.4 pounds away from when I FIRST joined Weight Watchers back in 1990. My goal weight back then was 130 and I was 129.5 and a life time member...then I put it all back on and more. Not so healthy...but I lost the weight for somebody else, and not myself. This time, it is all about me and I feel so happy about that! I am starting to take some chances, living life and challenging myself if ways I would have never really imagined about 6 months to a year ago! I am doing it! I am moving forward and I am enjoying myself!

I am planning on weaning Courtney by the time I am almost 37. Probably end of September...I am good with that!

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 20

Well, I am down 3 pounds exactly. FINALLY I moved down the scale again. I have had a great week. I ran my first 16.5K run this weekend, and it felt great. So, I am going to run my first half marathon on June 22nd. And, Cliff and I have booked into Victoria for the Thanksgiving weekend where we will both run the half marathon together (well somewhat) but the opportunity came up and so last night we booked our hotel already. I feel that will be a great way to celebrate my 37th birthday, and Cliff's 36th.

I now have 20.4 pounds left until my goal weight of 135 pounds. 20.4 I can do it! All of this running, and having concrete goals will help me! And my new found positivity LOL!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

16.5K Sunday Run!

Well, I did it. I ran 16.5k today, and ran at a good pace for 1 hour and 48 minutes. I feel SOOOOO good! I feel so proud to have gone past my 14k I have only run before. What a great feeling! I am excited to do some more long runs! Gorgeous day for a run! I am just about 5k away from my 21.1k half marathon distance.

I seem to maintaining at this current weight, and heck if I stay here for a bit. Whatever. I am feeling good, especially because I have my natural runners high going on! Nothing better...well something are LOL.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Losing motivation on a daily basis...

My motivation is waining. I don't feel the get up and go that I had for all of the pounds I have previously lost. For instance last night, I had nachos, 2 slices of poppy seed ring and 4 pieces of dark chocolate. I didn't need all of that, but I just WANTED it. Today, I was back on track with my eating. But I don't have the gusto to keep it going. I know it is only 22 more pounds or so, but I seriously could care less these days. I don't feel motivated. Why the shift? why the change? I am not sure. But all I know is that I don't want to stay like this.

I need to do something to reach my goal. I need to start exercising more, and recording my food again I think. Then, I need to come up with an attainable and fabulous SOMETHING for me when I get there. But really today, that doesn`t even thrill me.

I have a really sore neck today, so maybe that is getting me down. I am hoping that tomorrow it will be feeling better. Same with my bad attitude. I am usually not like this. What is going on with me these days...I better snap out of this one boy...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 19 UP UP NOOOOO!

Yes, my weight went up. I knew it. Sucks but it is less than a pound, and I know it is water weight. I can feel it in my legs and ankles from the treats this week. It is amazing to see that when the triangle of exercise and calories in and out are not in sinc the weight loss doesn't happen. This week was a prime example. I exercised, but not enough and I had extra treats like 2 bellini's, chocolate peanut butter pie with whip. And an extra piece of dark chocolate here and there. And salty Subway. So, what do I need to do?

I need to get back onto my plan and do this. I am going to weigh 155 by next Tuesday. The water weight will come off, and I will be exercising a lot more. I have several 'food related' events to go to and I will have to work on that. Dinner out on Friday, and a memorial on Sunday. I will go for a long run this Sunday that is for sure!

Right now I weigh 158.4 grrhhh. Next week 155! I want to get out of the 150's! I will get out of the 150's but I need to work harder!

Monday, May 12, 2008

take the long road home

Tonight I got out for about a 10k run. It was a straight out and straight back. Ran for about 61 minutes. A lot better run than yesterday that is for sure.

I am still suffering from the plate of Chinese food I ate yesterday for dinner. Cliff and MIL are too. Hmmmm. I am all bloated and feel weird. I know I haven't lost due to the bloat factor. Oh well. Maybe I will stay at the same weight, or maybe even gain. That will be a bit of a bummer for me. BUT I have a brand new day/week to get it done! And I will! It is just water gain that is all. The calories were not up there too high.

That will teach me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Summary

It has indeed been a day/weekend of eating/treats etc. I feel really full today. I had a bowl of wonton soup and 1 medium sized plate of chinese food (take out for M-Day) It was good, but I feel bloated. Yuck. Enough of the bloat already! I am over take out.

This morning I wanted to go for a run with my local group. I got out there, was set to do 16K (FINALLY) but the girl I was running with had a cramp and we had to walk. We walked about 8k in the rain. I ran about 2 sets of 10/1's which was OK. At least I got about 8 sets in total. Not bad.

Today, I was really wanting an 'everything bagel' from the local Tim Hortons. So I had one. Shmeared with herb and garlic cream cheese. It was really good. But it was enough for quite awhile. We treated the kids to some fast food which is rare to none here, and we took a few of the kids for ice cream. I didn't have it though. I had to make calculated splurges even though holidays and events always have been a 'license to eat.' Not anymore. Those days are over.

Today, I bought myself a new denim jacket (really fitted) in a size m from Old Navy. I really like it! Yay for all things fitted!

Tomorrow. I am totally back to my regular plan of healthy eats. I don't like this stuffed tummy feeling. I hope I get out for a good run tomorrow too! Two more days until I weigh in!

Happy Mothers Day!

size {6} last night...uh huh!

Last night my little sis Amy, Tyler and his daughter K to babysit so we could go out for our Anniversary dinner (THANK YOU ALL!) So, after we got home I wanted to show her some of my pants I got at Reitmans (buy one get one free!!.) So, off go her pants, off go my pants and we tried on each others pants...oh silly sisters we are. As a joke I try them on, and they actually do up! I am not a size six totally, but I am getting very close. I have to say I have never been a size nine or even better a six in my whole adult life. The closest I came to that was after I had Claire and I wore a size ten.

It was a good night. I did a crazy happy dance down the stairs to show Cliff and they just laughed at me. So, we had a fun photo op!

Here are the results!!
draw your eyes away from the fat roll, draw your eyes away from the fat roll LOL

Not bad for having six kids! I am pretty happy! And I am so close to my goal!!

( here I come!! Cute jeans!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm still here and it is Saturday!

It has been busy around here with sick kids all over the place. Makes it hard to blog. But, that doesn't mean I am slacking off!! I am still giving this process my mental all!

I bought some new clothes today. 3 pairs of pants (all size 9), 2 tops (small) and 1 nice blouse (medium--nursing breasts LOL.) I needed something to wear tonight! I am celebrating with my hubby tonight. Way back last year, I was hoping that by my anniversary that I would be looking pretty good. And I did it! I feel really pleased with how well I did overall. I am sticking to my program! Cliff and I figure I actually look better today than I did on my wedding day.

I just got back from a nice run about 45 minutes. Did 10/1's around the hood. I did that because I have ANOTHER splurge night coming on. Dinner and dessert out to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. This will be the first time in MONTHS that I have done this. I guess it is OK because a girl just wants to have SOME fun! Hopefully I will get a nice glass of wine too. So, to enjoy tonight I had to exercise. I am going to try to get out for another run tomorrow. Burn off my goodies!

I am expecting my weight to hover this week around the same as last week. I am somewhat OK with that (OK I am lying LOL) but this coming week I will be back to the usual week and usual fare. We have to celebrate the good times!! But I am still on my quest to get the rest off!

Oh, and tomorrow is Mothers Day. I think the eating will be as per though...I have to pick and choose my meals to splurge and when to save.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Workin' it out Wednesday

I didn't exercise this morning, but I did this evening. I was going to go with the local running group, but after immunizations and throw up (Caroline 3x's) I decided nope. It will have to wait.

So, I got out for about a 35 minute run around the hood by myself. Did two hills. I came home, took out the skipping rope and jumped for 5 minutes. Took out the hand weights and did that, then I did stomach crunches and stretching. Lots of stretching. I am really getting my flexibility back! I can pretty much do the splits again, and I can lift my foot up (old cheerleading moves LOL) and stand straight up! yay for me LOL!

Felt awesome. Perfect night for exercising.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Positive Imagery and Mind Power (from my RR email today!)

This is good for running, but can be used in all facets of life really!

Cathy xo

1. Visualization

• Visualize the first goal of your training. e.g. to run 10 K, to complete the marathon.
• Next visualize the key elements that get you there.
• Then fill in as many details as possible.
• Be positive but realistic.

2. Analyze the Problems

• Motivation? Determination? Performance?
• Where are you losing it?
• What are the causes?

3. Focus on Your Successes

• List the times when you started to have the problems and then overcame them and went on.
• Relive the successful experiences and store them in your memory.
• Your past successes can lead you to future ones! IV. Power Words
• Develop a power word for your success with each of your major problems.
• With each new or recurring problem, use the words and store the successes, e.g. imagining the word “character” as noted in! our hill training session.

4. Mental Rehearsal

• Rehearse the experience many times each week.
• Start with the key elements, problems, successes and goal fulfillment, and then fill in key details.
• Always be realistic but positive and successful.
• The more problems you project, the more likely you are to overcome them.

5. Shifting into the Right Brain

• The logical left brain has all the excuses.
• The creative right brain can get the job done.
• You can train yourself to shift over through Ignoring, Distracting, Projecting, Imaging.
•Mental rehearsal will help you shift into the right brain so you can “do it.“

6. An Unlimited Bag of Tricks

• Creativity can overcome almost any problem with time, realism, visualization.
• If you believe in something, you can make it happen if it’s doable.
The rubber band: think of a huge rubber band pulling you up the hill.
• The fishing rod: you have hooked the person in front of you and now you are slowly reeling them in.

7. You Have the Capacity to Overcome Any Problem

• Work through your problems.
• Learn from your experiences.
• Become part of your success.

22.6 pounds to go?

So how come these last 22.6 seem so hard reach? I have lost over EIGHTY pounds...EIGHTY pounds! I find this so incredibly crazy! I am like somebody on the Biggest Loser!

I 'could' go crazy and lose the last pounds very quickly, but I think I will take it slow. I have 8 weeks left until I want to reach 135 pounds on July 1st, 2008. That is about 2-3 pounds a week for the next 8 weeks. Sounds so easy! But really I am so close, that I could almost 'give up' but I will not. What am I afraid of? Why am I stumped at this point? Why don't I want to move ahead? Why the block? What gives?

I guess because I haven't been getting my exercise in, I start feeling down. I need the exercise to keep moving ahead. I need to keep that balance of food to exercise. Keeps me sane in my crazy world!

By next week I should be under 20 pounds to go...if I lose 3 three pounds this week. I know I can do it. I could probably do better! So, I think I will have to get up at the crack of dawn and run! Run like the wind or power walk and use my hand weights every morning, or back to 5-6 times a week. That should do it for me. The question is, do I have it in me right now?? Am I going to step up to the plate and DO IT??!?!?!?

I have only have 8 pounds until I get into the 140's now. And, another date to record at the 150 mark on my sidebar for progress. I haven't been this close to 150 since I first went on WW back in college. That was in 1990. And then, after I had Claire I think I remember being 154 pounds for a bit (until I became pregnant with Carly) so...I am doing it!

Giving up seems so much easier right now! But, seriously I would be really stupid to quit right now! After 22.6 more pounds I will be at OVER ONE HUNDRED POUNDS LOST!!!! Wow. Now that is incredible!

I would never have imagined how good this weight loss felt back in November after Courtney was born! I cannot fathom what the next eight weeks will bring to me?!

Now, I should really consider what my reward/rewards will be when I get there! I know the obvious are happiness and good health...but I need to do something AWESOME!

OK...I will start thinking about that on the treadmill in the morning!! Tonight though, I get a splurge of nachos of course!

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 18 (I am now over 80 pounds LOST!)

This morning I weighed in at 157.6. That means I am down 1.6 pounds. No suprise that I haven't lost all that much. It is what you put into your body(food) and what you put out (exercise) and I think when I am breastfeeding still my body just wants to HANG ON TO EXTRA weight. So, but exercising only once this week (well I walked a lot back and forth to school) my body says forget it. And I hardly lose anything. Simple and true. My eating is always good. I need the exercise to lose any more.

It has been a slower week, but after 18 weeks heading into my 19th week I think that is OK. I have been at this for like almost 'half a pregnancy' and the experts say 9 months on, and 9 months off. So, there I go. The good news is it looks like my tummy skin is getting a bit more firm. So, for that reason GOOD!

I am thinking the triathlon will be a no go, just because of my FIL, and the upredictability of his cancer. One day is good, and whammo the next day is bad. I cannot train the way I want to these days. I just miss the days when Cliff and I could go exercise together. We don't get an opportunity to do that anymore. Cliff didn't exercise this week at all. And, his weight is creeping back up. I don't want that to happen. I still have more work to do. So...

I am however going to sign up for the half marathon clinic that starts mid June. The race will be in October. We may have to do the Kelowna half, as it is closer and cheaper when we have to bring six kids to that. But, I will do this as it has been my goal for so many years. I want to cross SOMETHING off of my list this year.

On Friday, Cliff and I will be married for ten years. One decade. Just like that! Like a blink of an eye. Not really a time for celebrating these days, but thankful to my sis Amy, Tyler for coming out here on the weekend to give us a 'night off.' We are so appreciative of this kind gesture. It is not often that we get out without the six kids. So thanks for that. And hey, Sunday is Mothers Day. I will go running in the morning :D

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Suddenly Sunday

I didn't run today. I was too tired, and I have been tired all day. So I took a day of rest (from running only) I have only exercised 1x this week and I don't expect to lose anything on my weigh in on Tuesday. But, I will still weigh in.

Not much to report. I will get back into my exercise routine tomorrow night.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

159.2 Pounds - 24.2 pounds to go!

218 pounds - 8 days postpartum and size 18 (+ size)

159.2 pounds - 23 weeks postpartum and size 9 (regular)

One Happy Cathy, 6 kids later!

Almost 80 pounds gone in approximately 5 months, and 24.2 pounds left to lose

I went in for my prenatal pap/check up today (FINALLY) and my doctor is so proud of me! He said I have never looked better, and that I have figured it out and gone about it completely healthy. He said in amazement, you have lost 75 pounds since your last prenatal check up back in November 2007!

He told me to keep up the good work, and we decided that 135/140 will be the perfect weight for me. So, that is where I am heading. I am on the right track and haven't felt BETTER!! I am nearing the home stretch!

This is a photo my husband took tonight

Remember I said I would have some photos done now that I was in the 150's? Well, this was the best shot LOL!

Apparently somebody likes this view...

I will have him try again tomorrow LOL