Sunday, September 28, 2008

23.55 kilometres

That is what I ran this morning. It took me 2 hours and 29 minutes. I was only supposed to run 20 km with my group, but I decided to go with my bud Kevin, and the marathon group. It was a most excellent day for a run. The only thing crummy was that my watch which appeared to be working, stopped working and so I swore, and threw it into a bush LOL.  Anyways...

I am so pleased with what I have been able to accomplish in the last four or so months of my half training. I asked the guys not to tell me when I was past 20, 21.2 km. I just wanted to finish up strong. I managed to do just that, and I sprinted for a finish! It was a great moment. I actually welled up with tears during my run (but making sure nobody saw me LOL) I just thought wow! I did it. After three plus years of wanting to finish this distance, I managed to do it, and a bit more.

I am two weekends away from my half marathon in Victoria. We are going to go. We will go for two nights, bring our baby Courtney, and heck! We will enjoy our time! I cannot wait for race day! I know I will bawl my eyes out when I finish because this is what I have been working SOOOOO hard to do. And just knowing how far I have come in terms of health, all of these babies etc. I cannot wait. 

It is decided. We are going, we are going to have fun and celebrate my birthday in Victoria this year! Perfect way to celebrate my 37th birthday!

The official countdown is on!

Friday, September 26, 2008

20 km or 23 km on Sunday?

I am still wavering back and forth trying to decide which race to do. 

I am ready...on Sunday I am scheduled to run the longest run I have ever run at 20 km. But another group is doing 23 km and I kinda want to do that run just in case it does not work out for me to go to Victoria in 2 weekends.  Or, there is the Rubber Ducky Half the following weekend on the 19th that is all on bark mulch...hmmm not sure I want to run that?! So, I could just solve all of this and just run it on Sunday. But, my friends tell me I need to run a real race. To me, I just want to get the number under my belt and start increasing my distances further. Perhaps start my training for a FULL marathon for my next goal. I really truly feel ready to move forward...

My weight is holding steady at below 150 lbs. I am still breastfeeding my Coco. I hope to stop around her first birthday in a couple of months. 

Anyways if you told me one year ago that I would be ready to run a half marathon in most likely a sub two hour race I wouldn't have believed you. But, I am SOOOOO ready. I have been wanting to run this distance for almost four years. And in a few days, or a few weeks I will have that goal checked of my LIFE LIST!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

19.2 km - the longest run

I completed to date in my whole running experience the longest run I have EVER completed. I feel so proud of my self. It was a great day for a run, and just to think that in a few weeks I will be running my very first half marathon. I have been wanting to do this for so long, and to think that it is weeks away feels just amazing.

Weight wise, I am hanging in at 147 pounds, and I didn't really care too much about my eating. I just went with the flow. But, it is nice to be consistently down below the 150 mark.

I still haven't decided whether to go or not to Victoria for my race. I am still trying to wean Courtney, and well I am doing my best as is she. We have about 3 weeks until I need to leave. And so I will keep working at it. I have cut out now 3-4 feeds and leaving a before dinner feed, a bedtime feed and a early morning feed. 3 weeks, 3 feeds to remove. She is doing OK with her cup! It it doesn't work out, I can a. bring her, or b. do the Rubber Ducky half on the 19th. But I REALLY want to do my big race because I am hooked up and I have paid for my race etc. So, that is where my heart wants to be. 

Anyways, I am just so pleased that I did my run today, and I totally look forward to my 18 ish next week, and the following week a 20 km. Then the race! 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

About a week later update

Things are going very well over here. The scale FINALLY budged past the 147 mark, and I actually saw 145.8 this morning after my 12 km run. That was really a good feeling! It seems that I have FINALLY pushed past this 3 month plateau that I have been desperately working through. It has been an exercise in patience that is for sure.

My eating has been good. 

Kashi, skim milk and berries for breakfast
protein bars for snacks
yogurt, ground flax and raisins for snacks
and a salad or lean cuisine, or whole wheat pasta with totmato sauce for dinner. 
I supplement with fresh fruits, lots of water, my vitamins, an iron supplement and of course chocolate! And a couple of cookies with a decaf coffee in the evening with a splash of skim milk.

I have been exercising a bit more too. I have been out on my tempo runs, my hill training and of course my long slow distance runs on Sunday mornings. I really want to add in weight training too, but it is hard to 'fit it all in' so I run if that is all I can do. I have found adding in an extra tempo run with a big hill on Fridays to be just what I need. It felt great, so I hope to do the same on Friday. 

Race day looms closer, and I am still trying to wean but a little girl who shall remain nameless is not really game, but I keep moving forward. 2 feeds done, and we found an Advent cup that she really likes in fact on our errand drive around this afternoon she drank almost the whole thing on her own! So, I think I will buy a couple more to have on hand.

It feels so good to be back on track, and my momentum has kicked into overdrive! I am 10 pounds from my goal of 135! Seriously, I have 10 pounds to go! Boy oh boy does it feel great to say that finally!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2nd - Update

It is the fresh start, to a brand new school year. That means I have a fresh start, to get back into my 'healthy eating' program. I have extra little sister Amy is tying the knot and she asked me to be her Matron of Honour at her wedding that will take place on January 30th 2008.

I will be wearing my first ever strapless dress in black to her wedding, and I cannot wait. For the past 9 years or so, I have been usually been pregnant or breastfeeding. And for her wedding, none of the above. 

I really want to get back under 150 pounds (closer to 145 if I can before my half marathon October 12th), and so today marks the first day of my 'get back at it' plan. I am back on track. The weaning of my daughter has also begun, as I have removed 2 feeds. And several, well more than several to go. I am hoping that will give my body the signal to let it lose again. As I have been stuck around 150 pounds for MONTHS. 

I am going to add on some extra exercise again. Three times a week does not seem like enough. So this week I am going to add on Friday, and the following week maybe one more day. 

I weigh 154 pounds today. Not liking that, as I am nearing that '5 pound' buffer zone. Too close for comfort! I am going to work those extras off this week! Woo!

I have bumped up my water (with lemon wedges) my vitamins. I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch, and for snack I had my yogurt, with ground flax and a handful of raisins.