Wednesday, April 30, 2008

run run here, run run there

everywhere a run run!

I went for a run in the sun tonight. A 31 min 5.6 km run. Loved it!!! Fun to run with a group!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 17

Well, I did it. I am officially out of the 160's!

Today, I am 159.2! (Down 3.4 pounds from last week) My waist is 29"

I will have a photo done tonight to update how I look! I am now 5 pounds away from where I was after I had my daughter Claire (I weighed about 154 pounds when I turned 30) And, I am 9 pounds from where I joined Weight Watchers in college when my boyfriend told me I was 'fat.' Yah. Why oh why? Anyways. Life moves on!

It is funny, there are two trains of thought when people see me. They tell me I look great and shouldn't lose any more. And then there are the others who understand me, and say yah! go for it. And yes...I am going for it. I have 24.4 more pounds to go until my goal weight. I plan on getting there by July 1st! (Just happens to be a Tuesday and the middle of summer! Perfect for bikini season right!!!)

Tonight is my splurge night. Nachos here I come LOL!

My grand total weight loss from November 16th is 78.8 pounds. Next week it will be over 80 pounds!

Monday, April 28, 2008

running in the rain...what a glorious feeling...

I'm hap hap happy again...

I went out for my last chance workout tonight...did a big hill, listened to my ipod. It was a quick run around the hood. In the pouring rain. Yup.

4 sets of 10's and 1's. Maybe 6 k? Weigh in tomorrow...

til then.

Day before weigh in - again

Well, tomorrow I weigh in again. The weeks seem to fly by, and I find it hard to believe I have been at this 'program/lifestyle' for so long. It has gone by quickly!

I feel really great, and I think I have had a good week with several workouts.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

18 to 9

I went shopping this morning. I could not BELEIVE that today I pulled up a size 9 pair of jeans...AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY!!! I had to replace my favourite 'trouser' jean that was a size 11.

I actually had to do a double take at my reflection staring back at me in the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised, and in my next
glance and a quick run of my hands down my legs wondered if the mirrors made an illusion or if they were 'skinny mirrors?'

Well, illusion or not. I feel really happy with my appearance to-date. I also purchased two new shirts. I had grabbed size medium, but they were too big. So, when the employee yelled to me in the changeroom how I was doing I asked for a shirt in size small. ME IN A SIZE SMALL?! And it fit perfectly! so, I purchased two of them.

I also got some new tanks in med and small and two pairs of shoes on a BOGO! Score!!!!

I will have a photo taken when I hit 159 pounds OK! That is my next goal of 3.6 more pounds!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Run Cathy Run!!

I had a great run tonight. Did about 6k. It was fabulous. Lots of hills (which now thrill me!) and good conversation with the ladies I run with.

Did about 35 minutes.

Weightloss - Noticeable to others now

For the past couple of days I have been getting comments like:

From a school friend mom driving by - Cathy you look great (I felt like a celebrity LOL)

At school: A parent I do not know comes right up to me and says you look super, what have you been doing?

At my doctors today: Wow, you look great Cathy!

Running tonight, I got looks because I look familiar, but not! Then they do a double take!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 16

Well, it is a Tuesday. That means it is get-on-the-scale-and weigh in Tuesday. I did, and I went down 2 pounds exactly. I weigh 162.6 and I feel good about that especially because I didn't have the opportunity to get to the pool and do swimming and weights last night.

My two week challenge is done, and I took off 5.6 pounds in the past two weeks and I feel great about that. Today, I have my 'postpartum' check up and I will feel great going in for that knowing I am WAY UNDER my prepregnancy weight. This time going on the scale will not make me cringe. I can do a little dance this time because I have lost 75.4 pounds since my final pregnancy visit to the doctors last November!

My next weight goal I would like to reach is 159 pounds by next Tuesday weigh in. I want to get out of these 160's and into the 150's. With my good eating, and a bit more exercise it should be more than possible.

Hopefully my bike will be ready this week and I can get out there and ride! I cannot WAIT!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Run Cathy Run!!

Ran an 8.2k run. 5 sets of 10/1's. Felt great! Bike is now in the shop. Should be ready next weekend.

Going swimming tomorrow and doing weights. Weigh in is 2 days away!

I went through my closet again and I have nothing left! Need to buy some clothes for myself! I bough 2 new cheapo bras to make do until goal weight.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Update

Crummy day today. Sick kids all around. Frustrated. Took it out on the treadmill this evening. Just got off of it. I did 67 minutes. Close to 5 miles. And burned lots of calories. Around 760 or so. I ran at my top speed of 7.8mph for about a minute or two bursts, and then ran a lot of the hour or so. If I walked it was very brisk walking.

I feel WAY better! That treadmill took a beating tonight.

Last night I tried on my Granny's dresses. She gave me two of them quite some time ago, and they were hers. One is silk, and one is like a poly something. But I LOVE them. They are SOOOOO close to fitting PERFECTLY. Once they fit, I am going to get all dressed up and get my hair done kinda pin up like, and get my make up done and get a photo. Won't that be neat! I cannot wait. I would say 10 pounds will put me in them. So cool. I think I look just like my Granny and I LOVE that! She is beautiful as always.

I am going to get my bike ready this weekend, and treat myself to a couple of new bras as my current ones are too big. Thankfully there is a sale on this weekend.

Well, got to go burn the midnight oil!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 15?

Well, even though it is wet and dark today, it is Spring in my mind!

Oh yes, and I lost some more fat! I weigh 164.6 this morning. I am down 3.6 pounds! It was the lack of exercise that kept me from losing the previous week! Remember I went up 1.2 from the end of GBG. Every move counts! That is the secret! Hard work and eating right.

My waist is 30.5 today! Down 11.5 inches from January 1st! That is a crazy number to me! I cannot wait to take final measurements of my hips! I think my hips have had a drastic reduction in inches too.

Every piece of clothing my closet absolutely fits, and most are getting loose! It is time to get new stuff! My size 11's are getting loose, and all of my 12's are baggy in the waist, bum and legs!

I cannot WAIT to shop!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday - Night before Weigh In

Tonight, we headed back to the community centre. I did a great circuit of weights, both upper and lower. 3 sets of 12-15 reps. I am working on strength. I want to build up my back and arms and legs. I also did a couple of reps of stomach lifts where you bring your knees up to the chest! Wow. Where did my abs go? They left me LOL! But, I can certainly FEEL that they are still there. Why? because they hurt now!

I then got in the pool. And I swam my laps. Did about 20 mins of swimming, and did 20 lengths, or laps? (Help me DAD!!) Whatever I did it totalled over the 400 metres I need for the triathlon in June. The 8 lengths/16 laps? took me under 15 minutes. I am so excited!

I have had some great workouts this past week! And I just feel so good about my weigh in tomorrow! I feel that I have lost some more. Time for a photo soon!

Until tomorrow then!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

almost 14K today!

I did an awesome run this morning! Woot!!! 13 something!! Two weeks from now I will run 16K which will be the longest run for me to-date!

I ran up that hill again and it was so much easier! In fact we did lots of hills today!! Awesome fatburning run! We ran for about 1.5 hours!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Sum Up

Today is a beautiful day. We took the kids to a local lake and did a 3k walk with them. They all walked and then we ate a picnic lunch and played in the park! It was lovely. So we got some exercise and fun in at the same time!

Tomorrow I am heading out for a 10k run! So pumped for that!

THANK YOU AMBER for my beautiful header! I love it!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weights and Swim

Tonight Cliff and I headed after the kids went to bed to the local cc to go for a workout. We did weights for about 20 mins, and then we swam. I swam about 18 laps. (25 m pool) I am officially 'in training!' I swam for approx. 25 mins straight.

And a few seconds in the hot tub to relax and stretch out!

I'm back!!!

I feel super this morning! It was the physical exercise that was missing! I am already excited to get moving tonight! I am even more excited to book for my Triathlon! I am going to get my bike fixed up, a pair of riding shorts, a new helmet. And a swim suit in the next little while.

I am going to get to the pool 1-2 times per week and swim (must not forget ear plugs and goggles) and then get out on my bike one or two times per week. Plus run one or two times per week. This will show me that I can get out and do this. And next year I will have a time to beat!

I have 79 days left! Plenty of time right, and my body gets the benefit of cross training, I have a goal to look forward too, and I will be exercising and therefore losing these last pounds...kind of like losing the weight from another pregnancy. That is all that is left! Totally do-able.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5k+ and a clear head and mind

I went for a MUCH NEEDED 5K+run today. 3.5 sets of 10/1's. Felt FABULOUS and easy!

I ran with an old running buddy around an old favourite run. Around a lagoon! It rocked. I just found that with such a weight loss that I felt like I was running on air! I could have done a much longer run! I need new shoes now. Sunday I am running with two running friends and we are going to do 10k. It is my week to run.

A huge blessing for Cliff and I. Our old running friends Mom/MIL is going to watch ALL of the kids on Wednesdays so that Cliff and I can get out together. That is so huge and cannot thank her enough! WOW!

Running is so good! My eating was great! I am going to LOSE more this week! Oh yes I am!!

PS I am going to register for that Triathlon!! Yippee!!!!! I want to be at my goal weight for that. End of June! Oh yeah!!!


Well, today is a brand new day. I have high hopes of getting back to my healthy exercise plan. I was invited out with a friend of mine, but I need to make a date with Mr. Treadmill today, and for the rest of the week. That is what is missing from my life right now. Physical exercise. I don't really feel like getting on there, but I know once I get back on, I will feel super. Heck, maybe I might go to the RR for a run tonight. I will see how all of the kids are doing when Cliff is home.

There is a local Tri happening in the city end of June. I am considering doing that to give me a goal. It is 400m swim, 21K cycle and 5k run. It is more than do-able. I would just have to get my bike in order again, and get a swim suit. And some ear plugs. My ears and water are not a good match.

Also, I have been doing some research on a local/island half marathon on October 12th. So, I have some exciting things in the wings which is really needed. Now, how to get my husband to be able to do some of this with me.

I feel bad for wanting to take the time for myself. I feel selfish, but I need to do this like I need air.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weigh In - Up

I am up 1.2 pounds to 168.2 and I say, I deserve this number. I didn't exercise, I ate well. But I didn't get enough water this week, and not enough sleep. All those point to weight gain. But, I am back on with my exercise. Starting tomorrow. I am still going to have my splurge tonight because it is Tuesday and I am not going to beat myself up over 1.2 pounds. I could even venture to say I feel bloated and my chest is engorged because my baby slept through the night again in her bassinet.

I have a doctors appointment for my postpartum check up in two weeks. I would like to be down 5-10 pounds by then. That is my goal. My mini goal. Something to work towards.

I need something to work towards. I am so bored without a challenge that is for sure.

Here is to two VERY good weeks with good eating and exercise combined.

I will be updating this blog daily to get back into finding my momentum. I will weigh in on Tuesday! Then I can knock these pounds off!!

My Health and Weight Loss Affirmations:

I can get fit and I will be happy (thanks Jillian Michaels!!)

I am filled with energy and passion

My body is toned and fit

I love my body

Every day, in every way, I feel healthier, stronger and happier

I always recommit to my goals no matter what happens

I keep promises to myself

I am happy with who I am

I am proud of myself

I always follow through

I eat food that supports my health

I love exercise

Monday, April 7, 2008

Basically a week later, and day before weigh in...

Well, where to start. I am losing my momentum and enthusiasm this week. I have been rather lax and therefore nothing to really write about. I have been eating proper calories, but I haven't exercised since last Sunday (that awesome run) Cliff went running this week. And this coming weekend will be my weekend to run.

We are taking turns. I don't think I have lost anything this week. I am going to get back on the treadmill tonight when Cliff gets home. I need to exercise. I don't do well without exercise. I want to eat everything in sight, but I choose not too. I have come so far! Not going to lose that. Not going to gain ANYTHING back.

So, I had a quiet week that way. And tomorrow I get back onto my program. I need something to look forward to, or work towards a good goal. I only have 32 pounds left. You would think that would be 'easy' but it not. Now, I have to go the 'distance' and I have to wrap my brain around that feeling. What will take me to that point? I look good right now, but I could look better. I guess it is because I get compliments all of the time on how great I look etc. That makes me slack. I need somebody to say you look great, but don't give up! GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY!

So, that is kind of where I am at. I am COMFORTABLE. I don't want to be comfortable...I want to be SMOKIN HOT! LOL

So, I need a plan to kickstart myself again. I need to work towards a goal. I have June 1st but right now...I am like, do I really want to do this???

But seriously I do. That is the thing. I am just getting lazy. I wanted a week to just relax, but it is not getting me to my goal. I know when I stand on the scale tomorrow and it doesn't move, or goes up. That will be what I need to take my body to the next 'level.'

What kind of goal do I need? Maybe I need to email my weight to one of my faithful readers every Tuesday to be accountable?

And, I need to start recording in my blog again more often than not.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It is a new DAY!

Good Morning!

It is a brand new day! It is gorgeous outside...I have a lot to be happy about (but I feel defeated LOL) Yes. That is because I don't like to lose. But hey, I will get over it! And, as Kerry said I 'won at home' and that is true so take that Cliffy LOL! No, I knew I had a better chance of winning so I went for it LOL! Love you Cliff! We decided to do that together! He is totally happy for me, and I for him!

Last night I ate some nachos they have lost their appeal. So, next Tuesday I think sushi is in order. I feel gross this morning because I couldn't get to sleep last night. And up early this morning. That is how it goes!

I am back on program today. I had my kashi cereal, with bran buds and skim milk. Nothing has changed except today I am 71 pounds lighter! That is just so unbelievable to me! I look in the mirror and I do not recognize my reflection! It is so weird.

So, today I am on track to lose 32 more pounds. I am looking forward to June 1st! I am already picturing it and how I will look!

Tuesday weigh in is coming up!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FINAL WEIGH IN GBG - Tuesday April 1st 2008

Goo-Be-Gone Summary

Starting weight: 218.8

Finishing weight:167

Pounds lost this week: 4 (171-4=167)

Percentage of weight loss during competition: 2nd place: Cathy = 23.67% loss (I lost by 6.45%)

Total pounds lost from Jan 1-April 1: 51.8 pounds

My rings that were so tight and couldn't be worn, are now getting so loose they could fall off! They all twist around on my ring finger! Crazy! I believe that I may weigh less than when we got married?! I never had a scale back then. But I certainly look smaller than at my wedding. Just the weight is distributed a lot different due to all of my pregnancies and deliveries etc. Forever changed!

I exceeded my weight-loss goal for this competition. Originally I had planned on losing 20-30 pounds and I beat that by an extra 20 pounds! I have given myself a great head start. And now I have proved to myself that this is a game of mind over matter! I have discovered I have will-power of steel! I can accomplish just about anything.

I won't bother with my measurements or a photo right now. I will do an after photo of the WHOLE weight loss on June 1st. I feel a new bathing suit heading my way...and hopefully somewhere hot and tropical where I can wear it!!

I came in second place, and I also took the Miss Congeniality crown. That felt good! It would have felt way better to have finished 1st but I did my very best. What else could I have done? So, therefore I know I put in my best effort. Seriously I don't like losing LOL. But, I will suck that up and use that negative energy and put it into losing the last 32 pounds!

Cliff ended up with 3rd place. I am so proud of you honey! You did great! You look like the day we got married! SO proud! SOOOO proud of you.

As you can see I have sort of updated me blog. I have changed my ticker back to reflect my TOTAL weightloss since the day I had Courtney.

My total weight loss to date: From November '07 to April 1st '08 I have lost a total of 71 pounds! And now I have 32 pounds to go. I will give myself another 3 months to lose those pounds. June 1st is my next deadline! Perfect for bikini season!

My motivation is high, and I will continue to weigh in, change my ticker and blog every Tuesday until I hit June 1st. I plan on losing approximately 2 pounds per week. I will take my time in losing the balance of the weight. And, if I get to a weight that I feel comfortable with, I may just stop there! After all they are my rules ;D

Nothing really changes for me today, except now I am basically on my own, and nobody to email my weight to. The excitment is over, those 71 pounds are in the past and now I will concentrate of the task of losing 32 FINAL pounds. I will update my goals too. I need some thing to motivate me to see that 135 on the scale.

103 pounds lost is what I am after! 103 pounds! I know I will get there, because I have it in me!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my support team who come here each week and comment and cheer me on. You do not know how wonderful that has been. So please come back and see me once in awhile OK!!

Have a great week!

And, I just want to say congratulations to Ted K for getting his 1st place! Thank you for bringing out the competitor in me! Thank you for helping me reach my goals! You are fierce Mr! Fierce! So, when are you taking us out to dinner?? ;D