Friday, August 22, 2008

Changing my half marathon race!

I have decided, that I will decide closer to the 12th of October if Courtney will be OK with me travelling away for the RVM half in Victoria. I can cancel the hotel reservations 24 hours before if need be.

I have, however found a local half marathon that we can take the whole family too. That is the way to go I feel. It is on the 19th of October. So, one week later. I am excited about that.

My training is going well. We are doing longer runs, and hill training. Last Sunday I ran a 14 km run and it was awesome, and this week we did a 6 km tempo run, and on Wednesday we did hills. So a 3 km run there, 6 hills, and then a 3 km race back.

I am going to seriously consider doing some triathlons next year. There are several small ones I can do to get my feet wet in the sport again. And then in 2010 I want to do my first Half Iron in Oliver, BC. 2 km swim, 93 km bike, and 21.1 km run (half marathon) I know I can do it! It will just take some patience on my end, and just knowing I can do it! Yay!

My weight is up by about 2 pounds, but I feel that it is muscle I am putting on as my clothes all still fit the same. I changed my ticker to reflect that gain.

Monday, August 18, 2008

in my 20's and in my 30's

Thank you Yvonne for reminding me about this post. I am pretty happy with with my results so far. The photo on the left, I was taken in Hawaii, single, carefree and pre husband and six kids. And tanned, and lots of free time :D
The photo on the right is at home, married for 10+ years, busy, with husband and six kids. Pale, sunblocked and not a lot of free time :D
I am getting very close, but I don't think my body will EVER be the same.
I don't want it to be the same! This me, but better with age and experience. I know I can tweak, and I am working on a plan that will HOPEFULLY get me somewhat closer.

My run yesterday morning

I went for a 14+ km run that started out with thunder and lightening. Then a huge downpour of rain. More thunder and lightening, then sun! That was the most different run I have ever done LOL.

I have been keeping very well. My runs are getting longer, next Sunday I run 16 kms. This week a straight tempo 6 km on Tuesday, and on Wednesday is hill training. We are up to 6 hills.

My race day is about 8 weeks away. But, I am thinking weaning Courtney is not going as smoothly as I had hoped, and this race is not local. I have to go on a Ferry, and stay in a hotel. We were planning on staying for 2 nights (sans children), but now I am thinking I may not run the official race. Just keep with the training. I will be eventually running 20 kms so that will be a huge accomplishment for now. But, I have already paid 70 dollars to go there and do it. SOOOOO. Not too sure. We may just go on the ferry, with Courtney, sleep over, I race and then come home. Only one night. Just get it done!

Or, I continue on with my running. I join another half marathon training that starts end of October (I was going to do this one anyways) and do the Historic Half right in my town. It is on the Valentines Day weekend in February 2009. My breastfeeding will be over by then!! That might be a better scenario. Although not what I really wanted right now.

What to do. What to do. My husband has put on 20 pounds, so September 2nd I am going to try to help him get back on track. I know he is not happy with this gain, but his life has been pretty stressful since his Dad died. So, I am sure there will be some more bloggin' going on around here in the next little while.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I have found myself

I have found myself, and losing 10 more pounds will not change that. Therefore, I am considering this blog closed! I feel great at this weight, and therefore I don't need to go that route right now. That is not to say I won't be doing more in the future. Just not right now. I need all of the calories I can get with my training. My body is resisting the weightloss. I find that frustrating.

I thank you all for your comments, and cheers and support over the last months!

I wish you all the best as you continue on in your own adventures. I will keep checking in once in awhile with mini updates. But for now, I am happy that I found Cathy!

I am currently working on other ventures!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Weigh In - First week of the last 10 pounds

I am down .4 pounds. 9.6 pounds to lose. But I only started on Tuesday. I will not beat myself up over this amount. I have a COMPLETE week to lose more by next Friday. I have been fighting a cold it seems, and so I haven't had much energy to do DAILY exercise like I intended to do. But, I ran on Tuesday, and running an hill training on Wednesday. Yesterday I walked a lot, and lugged Courtney in her seat. I think I got about 20 minutes. :D

Tonight I am going to run at dinner time (kids having their pizza night, then I am splurging tonight with hubby. On Sunday I have a 12 km run to do. I look forward to increasing my distance again!

I am ready for a great week ahead!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photos from the 20 Minute Challenge in mid July 2008

If you care to look really can see Cliff and I with the stroller on the right and two girls in pink shirts. There is our whole family getting out and healthy! It was a fun evening!

And there I am in pink, in fine form :D

Another action shot...

Me with Carly and Claire...

And, thank heavens for friends...that is my friend Louise with Catie on her shoulders! Thanks Lou! xo

Didn't feel like it today...

but I put my runners on and did it anyways. Tonight was week two of hill training. We ran four hot hills. Next week we run five hot hills, and continue up to nine hills. Today my nose has been rather stuffy, and I am feeling really worn out and tired. But now that my run and hill training is complete. I have energy.

I know running gives me energy! Thank you Cliff for making me go tonight. I was *this close* to not going out. No excuses.

So far, I feel good as I can. I know it is going to be a challenge to lose the last 10 pounds. Especially when I tell friends or family that I have only 10 more pounds to lose, and they ask me 'from where?'

Believe me, there are 10 or so more pounds on me. I felt every extra pound on my hill training, nearing the crest of the hill.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stomach before and after (for now!)

The top photo was taken 4 weeks and 2 days postpartum, and when that photo was taken I was utterly depressed that I would NEVER get rid of that. And the bottom photo shows anybody that it can be done! I am now 8 months, 2 weeks and 5 days postpartum. I cannot believe the transformation! There is more work to be done!

The green heart bikini

Here is the green bikini! I really like it, and I cannot wait to wear this after my half marathon in October. I am going to wear this into the hot tub after my race! And after that a dip in the pool. I am excited for my race. This bikini is a medium and I am just so excited!

I chose to wear the blue one

We had a great day! I read on the waterpark website that you cannot have any metal on your suit, so that helped me solve my bikini dilemma. ;D
Today, I realized for a mom of six I look pretty darn good. I saw all sorts of body types at the waterpark today. But my weightloss was not really about looks for me. It was more about health. And today I was SOOOOO thankful that I did not have those 88-90 extra pounds on my body! I was able to run up the stairs and not be even a little bit out of breath. I was thankful that I fit on the waterslides, the tubes and that I felt confident to walk and run around in a bikini today. I haven't had the courage to do so before this. Today I was living my life to the fullest! That is how I want to live from now on! I was so pleased that I did not have to live my life on the sidelines feeling stuck in the body I had before.
I had a blast with my guys today! I felt like wow! I am wearing a size medium bikini and it fits well! Woot woot!
What a lovely day! I look forward to MANY MANY MANY more of the same! This past year I have had 'Lose Weight in 2008' up. Next year, it will be '2009 is all about good family times!' We are looking forward to moving forward and having so much fun! Bring it on!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2 bikinis are better than one!

I went to Winners today and I bought two new bikinis for the season. They were a good deal, and I think I really like them on. I even bought a pink strapless terry towel cover up/dress thinger.

One bikini is bright green, with hearts, and the other is a more Hawaii inspired 2 piece that is white with blue. Both halter style which is flattering and holds me in place LOL.

I think I will take photos in them too...they look SOOO much better than the old one. I think I am going to part with it after these next 10 pounds.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the waterslides with my husband and Cameron for his birthday.

Toodles! Now, I just need to decide which one will be the one for tomorrow...