Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where I'm at

I took a day off of running on Sunday. It felt weird to do so, especially because Sundays are generally my 'long runs' but I really needed it. I think my body is reacting to stress, and lack of sleep. I have also developed a twitch in my eye. It goes away (mostly) when I am running and away from the house. BUT, when I walk through the door it starts up. Especially twitchy eye when it is loud in the house. And, that is just part and parcel with having a large family. I also would think that just the general busy that is constantly part of my life. Our life with six kids. Has something to do with it all. 

SO, I slept in (well till about 8 ish -- thank you hubby!) that felt good. But weird. But the twitch is STILL there.

I then decided that I would sign up for another half marathon clinic. So, on Tuesday I started running/training again for a goal race the day after Valentines day. Closer to home. 

So I ran a little 3km straight run on Tuesday with the group. And then on Wednesday (last night) I ran 6.3 km straight run. That felt great. My body CRAVES fitness and exercise. Everything just feels better when I exercise. Everything keeps in balance. That is the mental, the exercise, the food and water intake. And just a general sense of well being that I cannot get from anything else than you guessed it...running. I am a better Mom and person when I run. Again, that whole 'guilt' thing comes back, but it is something I have scheduled into my ical. And I love having something to look forward to. I strive to keep doing better, and trying to get as fit as I can. Once I stop breastfeeding my oh so attached Coco. I will be putting my name on the list FINALLY for my vein surgery. I will call the office After February once my run is done. I am hoping I can have the surgery done in between clinics, or at least in the lower km runs. I will be out for a week of running for the surgeries. And with the injections I hear 2 weeks. Yikes. I will go coo coo. So, I will just focus on today!

So, I am back on the wagon and running. Training for my next half marathon. Now...who will come on out and cheer me on?! It is a VERY hill course! LOL.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Whenever you feel uncomfortable, instead of retreating back into your old comfort zone, pat yourself on the back and say, “I must be growing,” and continue moving forward.

~T. Harv Eker

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is it...

This is the ONLY photo of me from the official race photographers. I was just nearing 5 km to go, and I stopped to have some water and I was charging up on gu and thinking about what I had to do in the next 5 km to reach my goal of under 2 hours. I wish I had one of me going through the finishing chute. Oh well.

Creature Comfort

I don't know about you, but when the weather turns to fall and winter I no longer wish to drink water, eat salads, eat healthy period. I want to eat warm casseroles, pastas, hot cocoa's etc.

Thankfully because I run, I can get away with eating a treat or two and pay no consequence. But, I find lately I just eat more. I am busy, I have six kids, I have house to tend to, husband's needs to tend to. Family stuff, photography stuff. But, it just boils down to the fact that I have to care for myself, and in turn I can care easier for others who need me at all times. Like my Courtney who is still breastfeeding. My little leach LOL!

I have developed an eye twitch in my left eye. It is driving me NUTS! I know I need to slow down...I need to care a bit for me again. Take the time to just treat my body right. That includes eating right, and exercising more etc. But boy oh boy is that tricky when all I want to do is flop over on the couch with a hot yummy drink, and a bag of potato chips. (NO I have NOT done this but the thought is there!)

Just an update :D

My weight is right at 150, and I figure this is where my body likes to be so I will not fight with it. Now is not the time to fight my body! I have to WORK with my body. I am not going to be so hung up on the numbers on the scale.

I am 'in between' clinics right now. I ran 7 kms last night and I felt great! I am starting my second half marathon clinic next week. That clinic will prepare me for another half in February 2009. I cannot wait! And, I have decided to do one more half after that...either Vancouver Half, or Scotia Half. And, in June 2009 when the marathon clinic starts up I will train for 18 weeks to prepare for my very first MARATHON to take place in Victoria on the very same place I ran my first half marathon (and LOVED it!) in October 2009. Perfect birthday present!

So, all good!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A couple of photos for now...from my half marathon

The top photo was me heading out the door, with about 40 minutes before the 7:30 am start time. The bottom photo was only one of me actually running in the 21.1 km!  Cliff took this with the camera phone. I was literally less than a minute from the finishing chute. Hopefully there will be more eventually! 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have a half marathon under my belt

*photos to come*

I had a fabulous first half marathon this morning! The gun went off at 7:30 am.  The weather was cool, but bright. I felt great! What a thrilling experience to run with SO many runners etc. Wow. I highly recommend the Royal Victoria Marathon/Half Marathon! Victoria, BC is just beautiful. I look forward to racing here next year! I hope Cliff can run the half, and I can run the full! Bring it on!!

My official chip time for 21.1 km was 1:53:36 with an average pace of 5:24 km. I now have the racing bug that is for sure. I have plans to run one more half marathon in February 2009. And then, it is time to train for my first marathon.

I just wanted to say congratulations to my running buds who ran so well! I am so proud of all of you marathoners, and half marathoners. Way to go! 

I especially want to say a special thanks to my darling husband Cliff for supporting me, and watching all of the kids so I could go out and do my thing! I love you! And thank you to Cameron and Courtney for cheering me on too! I have had the best weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

RVM here I COME!

Well, I cannot believe we leave tomorrow for the race! I am so full of emotion! All good emotion! This race is so big to me! I am FINALLY reaching a goal I have had in my heart for several years! 

I have everything purchased, the kids are organized, my husband is organized. We had a setback with my daughter Catie jumping off the couch and putting a huge gash in her forehead last night. She required 7 stitches to close up the hole. I have never seen so much blood. Thankfully today she is 'back to normal' with everything. Just wound  care. It could have been SO much worse.

Anyways, so today we rested with Catie, ran errands and got our stuff ready. Tonight, after the kids are all in bed we will pack and get our stuff all ready to go. Cliff has a dental appointment in the am and then we head! 

I am unsure of what to run in, but I heard the weather will be beautiful so I will pack everything to do with running! LOL. I also bought a throw away shirt with hearts all over it, and I bought myself a new set of bottles, and a race number thinger. It is cool. Anyways! Mentally I am so there, now the pack up and we are good to go!

I have big list, but it will be easy to pack up because I am prepared!  We will bring my new camera phone, and perhaps take a photo or two of the weekend away.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last run until race day...

Last night we did a quick six km run...that was my last run until my big race. As prepared as I am, I am getting mega butterflies! Kind of like the butterflies I would feel when I was in labour kind of feeling.

Anyways, I did well in labour, so I know the same will happen on Sunday. My running gear is clean and fresh and tomorrow I pack up my gear! I have my big list, I have reviewed my route etc. I am as ready as I can ever be!

Now...hurry Sunday! Hurry so I can use these jitters to push me fast through the course!! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The guys and I

Well, I did a speedy almost 9 km run tonight with only 3 guys. It was dark, cold and windy. But, the run felt great. I cannot believe how our group has dwindled down to literally just a handful of us.

I woke up this morning kinda freaked, nervous. Kind of like thinking about Christmas morning. That kind of excitement. It was a great way to spend my birthday today.

Tomorrow, one more fast 6 km and then RACE DAY!

I am so ready to run! Run like the wind!

I am thinking ahead, and I am going to do one more half marathon, and then in the spring I am going to sign up for a full marathon. I am so ready! So, this next four months I will be keeping up my longer kms etc. Keep the momentum going. The next half I am going to run has a lot more hills. I want to be ready! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

This Sunday

I am running my very first half marathon. I have been wanting to do this distance of race for about three years now. Finally, it is the week before. Six day until I make my mark at the start line. 21.2 kilometres. 

I am a jumble of emotion, nerves, excitement. Woo! And, tomorrow is my 37th birthday. What a great way to start off my 37th year! 

I am just thankful to have legs, and a strong body that carry me day to day. Run while I am able. I try not to take for granted the gifts I am given.

I am blessed.