Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Long Run

I finally got out for a 16 km run with my running group. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to stick with my group, but I think today I am back at it again. I am already looking forward to running on Tuesday and Wednesday. And on next Sunday we jump up another 3 km to 19 km, and then hill training begins (and hill training like I have never experienced - marathon hill training eeepps! Can you say LOOOOONNNGGGG uphill)

Anyways, back to this morning:

16.05 km
6:11 average km pace
4:35 max pace

My tummy troubles are due to a virus, and it is feeling much better, however some of the kids are feeling the same pain and I feel bad for them. Hopefully it passes, and we are very thankful we didn't get the 'other strain' which is 100 times worse. 

I am still wondering if I want to run the Historic Half, or if I am even ready for it in two weekends from now. Knowing myself I will want to see 'where I am at' and register at last minute. I will see how the 19 km goes next Sunday and decide then.

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