Sunday, February 8, 2009

19.19 km

Today we headed out for a 19 km run. I felt fabulous for the first time in quite some time. I didn't get much sleep, I have a bit of a cold, my stitches are out. I have new runners. I didn't take my pill. And voila.  A great run. I really needed that today!

19.19 km (Long slow distance)
Avg pace 6:06 km
Best pace 4:27 km

I am not sure if I am going to run the Historic Half  next weekend, or just run the scheduled 23 km?! I will see. We also begin hill training this Wednesday. I cannot wait to get started as I know how important hills are for training!

PS I am going to try 1 more month of the pills to see how I do. He said my stomach could be reacting to less acid. So, I will keep trying. I have another appointment booked in 1 month to follow up. My symptoms feel great though! So, hopefully my stomach will figure itself out! My doc seems to think it will, but if not he said stop taking them.

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Andrew - Six Minutes Public Speaking Blog said...

Congrats on the successful 19km today, Cathy. Isn't it great when the run feels "fabulous"?

Hope to see you at the Historic Half next Sunday. I drove the course today to check out the hills -- looks challenging, but fun!