Sunday, February 15, 2009

Long Sunday Run

Let me start off with the hills I did on Wednesday night. It felt more like a mountain that I had to run up 4x's. Hill training has officially started. We run up a hill that is approximately 500 m long. And when I say long, I mean LONG LONG LONG. I had to question my ability to run, and question WHY I was running and what for. The first hill was hard, and I have to say they got harder with each one. I know hills make me stronger, and I really had to push myself to keep going. 

Wednesday Hill Training:
1:02:25 total time
9.52 km total distance
Warm up run 2.76 km 18:31:92
Hill 1: 3:23:05
Hill 2: 3:03:87
Hill 3: 3:18:45
Hill 4:2:55:80
Cool down run 2.86 km 17:26:72

Today, marked the longest distance I have ever run in my life. It felt great, the sun was out and my body felt great! I really enjoyed the run!

24:11 km Sunday Long Slow Distance:
2:33:32 time
Average pace 6:22 km
Max pace 4:11 km

Next week we run 26 km.

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Nikki said...

Way to go Cathy! 23 km - that's fantastic! And yeah, your new hill must be super long and tough - Mike ran it with them once and almost died! ha ha.